The clip you’re about to see contains dialogue and a ridiculous situation, that frankly I wish I could have written. The people in the clip (at least the two you can see — and an arm) are also intriguing. The whole thing is so ludicrous that I was wondering if it was staged. But probably not. This is America, 23 years into the 21st century and we’re nuts. I don’t know if any future culture has mastered time travel but if they have, I’m pretty sure they don’t want to come back here. And for those of us stuck here, oh well. I guess we might as well laugh. Beats sobbing, right?

The set up is a middle class suburb in San Diego and an argument over a family member, the beloved cat. Plot spoiler: the cops hung up when they were called.

“You could just send my cat home.” Oh yeah? Maybe the cat feels the MAGA vibes in the house and wants to head for a place with better energy. This happens. Cats go where they will and sometimes, if they find a house they’d rather live in, they go live there. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of cats who vanish seasonally? It’s because they have two homes, and they spend a certain amount of time in one home and then move to the other. Seriously, this happens.

The guy doing this is a pure Karen. He’s going to get the cops involved. And “Cat Pervert” is some handle. He could have accused him instead of being a “cat groomer” but that’s an actual profession. I, myself, have groomed many a kitty and never thought it was a questionable act until just this moment. I’ve also had the neighbor’s kitties walk into my yard to visit (sometimes even coming in the kitty door) and vice versa and that all seemed quite normal to me, too. But then it wasn’t 2023.

Lots of preverts and preversions. It all has to do with the pollution of our precious bodily fluids, I was taught.


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  1. Jesus, what a nut job. I hope the cat stays away. It’s definitely not a safe place.
    Who knows what abuse he’ll heap on it just for being a cat.

    • The guy was labeled a “cat pervert” for merely allowing the animal to wander into his yard. What a lunatic the “Karen” guy is.

      • I still can’t wrap my head around CAT PERVERT. WTF? It makes me wonder what kind of twisted thoughts go through this guy’s head. Nothing good I’m sure. What I am pretty sure of is that this doing was engaging in some serious projection. I’ve never been a “cat person”, but rather a dog lover. However, there have been cats that found me ok and I certainly don’t dislike cats. I just don’t find them cute and adorable the way so many others (ncluding you) do. And I sure as hell hate those who would mistreat them every bit as much as I do those who mistreat dog or other non “hoomin” animals. My money is on that cat decided to get the hell away from that guy and try to find a better home.

  2. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️👀👀okay we do need cell phones. Then again, maybe we need Jerry springer back!!! Where some (okay all) of them belong. Besides, who doesn’t love strippers?! Or was it lesbians?! Been too long… folks were worried about fluoride but geniuses forgot chloride is more common! And egads… it was in the … water (killing germs and what not… sanitation). Or maybe folks are just dumb. Or…the damn Russians are some evil turd stirrers🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. another case of fine people on both sides? not even close. the mental midgets have been this ridiculous well before trump touched them down there.

  4. EEE-GADS, wow, the Karen idea has new friends, vocally admitting their weakest features …

    Who wins? No one, wasted time, sure, any sign of extra knowledge in any case, NONE, the net gain for any participant in a Karen blast, the air has been moving for a while in a stagnant heat dome situation, just enough to let someone know how important their air conditioning really is …

  5. Oy Vey. Meshuggeneh. Caboose went around the bend meshuggeneh. “Harboring” a cat? A cat they allow outside to roam? WTF?

  6. If I were his cat, I’d hang out at the neighbor’s house, too. Cats aren’t dumb! They know who really likes them. No one really OWNS a cat! Cats own people. That cat has decided he owns the neighbor. Good for him.



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