Maybe John Bolton didn’t like the idea of a Taliban sleepover on 9/11 — your guess is as good as mine. In any event, National Security Adviser (Trump misspelled the title) John Bolton is through the West Wing revolving door.

Mike Pence is probably none too happy about this, nor feeling none too secure. If you read CNN yesterday, Pence and Bolton were both adamantly against the Taliban meeting. Trump of course said that the story was fake news, but he also probably figured that the only way the story leaked was either through Pence or Bolton. And since he can’t fire Pence, maybe he fired Bolton. Of course, Trump could take Pence off the 2020 ticket. Who knows?

Meanwhile, the only word from Bolton is that he wasn’t fired, that he “offered to resign last night.” Hoe kay…

More on this story as it develops.


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      • Ben Carson, Devos, and Mnuchin, the only three that come to mind – and three that were hired WAY out of their depth, so they have no real reason to step down or move aside, there is no “soft landing” for them, though Mnuchin has more money than he can spend.

        This latest incident with Bolton demonstrates nothing more than the fact that Trump will not tolerate “dissent” of any type. You either agree fully with full loyalty, or you are gone.

        That being the case, why would Trump need any advisors? He knows more than them anyway (ask him), and he only wants to hear that he’s right.

      • That’s what I was thinking. The problem may be that he actually said one (first time ever) realistic thing or tried to save the PAB from himself. So I am afraid of what will come next.

    • She is far too smart to join the ticket at this point. What does she need with that? She can run for the top of the ticket in 2024 and need not worry about spending her entire fortune on criminal defense lawyers. I seriously doubt she would accept the invitation. Indeed, I honestly wonder whether how many semi-decent Republicans would at this point.

      • Good to see you, Wolfie. It would be amusing to see a Trump-Haley ticket. That would be a damn sight stranger than McCain/Palin and that’s saying a mouthful.

        • Thanks, I haven’t had much time to ‘come around’ lately so I’m doing some catching up. I did notice one new ‘blogger’ here, seems a bit out of place if you know what I mean, I also noticed this so called blogger’s handle is spelled 2 different ways, I’m guessing it’s a bot and/or a troll farm in Siberia with little knowledge of real English, only “Trump” English.

          Trump/Haley? He’d be feeling her up every chance he got, then what would little Miss Priss do while she waited for the WH throne to be handed over???

  1. I doubt it was any one thing. Bolton is by all accounts an overbearing, egotistical asshole and there’s only room for one of those in this maladministration. The Camp David thing was likely just the last in a string of exploding firecrackers.

    • Bolton was a necessary war booster, but he wanted it ALL, a push into Iran … poof, the reasonable Generals said forget it and fix your stupid rhetoric … IMHO …
      AND, look who is still standing, hard to believe a true snake can stand without legs … Mr. Miller, quietly writing poison statements for DJT to blurt out and damn the torpedoes …
      And WHAT are the duffee and duffass boys up to?

      The Missus, has found a new project it seems, DJT is always golfing as a given … (at our expense) …

      Oh yes, the sky is falling from Epstein to CIA extractions because, WELL, Trump the blabber mouth ….

      A big wave to the House committees …. GOTV !!

  2. If only he could fire Pence! Though the next one could be worse!

    Maybe child in chief is a secret pacifist? If so, it would be the first thing I’ve ever liked him for. Too bad he sucks as a negotiator!

  3. This is surely good riddance to bad rubbish. I wonder who the Tangerine Terdbucket will next select (or better yet who will Vlad select for the job)?

  4. Bolton is mad Zionist dog with no brains or compassion. His loyalty is only to a foreign entity (Israel) not his own country. The role of the U.S to him is to serve his Zionist masters in Israel.
    I am happy to see him gone.


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