This just now appeared on Twitter. I share it here with the caveat that it’s possible that some troll has found a way to hack Donald Trump’s Truth Social account. It would not be the first time that has happened over there. So look at this and realize that it may be pulled down and discredited in a few hours.

Meanwhile, it’s got the red checkmark. We will look at it and take it with a grain of salt until we know more.

I cannot conceive of any reason why Joe Biden would give the time of day to Donald Trump, let alone at the White House. Therefore, the story here is probably going to be one of Trump’s account getting hacked and Truth Social being embarrassed once again.

Stay tuned. I’m surfing Twitter furiously to see who is picking up on this. I’ll have an explanation as soon as I can find one. If it IS Trump or somebody with access to his account advertising a meeting, that will be a big story, needless to say. If it is a troll or a hacker putting together a fake story to embarrass Trump and his struggling social media site, that will be a story as well.

Trump is the only person right now on Truth Social who is allowed to talk about January 6. Anybody else doing so is permanently banned. Do you love the irony, that “Truth” Social bans people talking about the actual truth?

Here’s what I mean.

And another.

Here’s the entitled one himself. From Donnie Two Scoops to the sole Truth Social poster who can talk about the unmentionable date that will live in infamy — no, not Pearl Harbor.

Innocent people rant on social media all the time, right? Right.


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    • Wouldn’t that be a hoot? As I said above, either way this is a comical story. Either Trump is making it up or somebody is hacking his account.



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