Talk about a smoking gun, if this isn’t it, I don’t know what is. You may have seen this clip if you caught Ari Melber’s show. It depicts none other than Dirty Trickster Roger Stone, long grown up and away from something as mundane as the Brooks Brothers Riot, and now caught on film in the treasonous act of dictating a plan to steal the 2020 election. And may I remind you, this is the same plot that Ginni Thomas was a part of. This is the very thing that she was texting Mark Meadows about.

The wondrous part of this, as you just heard, is that this screws up the timeline of what Trump is claiming happened. According to him, people had a legitimate and sincere belief that the election had been stolen. It’s a bit difficult to claim that now, when you see the plan cobbled together in advance of Trump losing.

This is also going to screw up the plans of Kari Lake and others of her ilk who go along with the Big Lie. I cannot wait to hear what she and the rest of the far right-wingnuts have to say about this later tonight or tomorrow. Or, if they try to ignore it altogether.

I don’t know what a Dutch documentarian was doing in the room. That seems whacky to me but then I always thought Richard Nixon was daring fate by keeping recordings of all of the conversations in the Oval Office. Maybe Stone wanted to go out this way? Why would he leave this kind of evidence behind?

Lots of questions. It’s the New Surreal, folks. When we are finished with the Trump Era, really truly finished, it will make Watergate look like watermelon.

Nixon and his plumbers were misguided amateurs. That much has been clear for many decades. In this case, however, Stone and all the people who wanted to steal the election are just simply un-American. This is treason, plain and simple. This is an act against the United States, which cuts to the very heart of it. Free and fair elections are the bedrock, the cornerstone, of our way of life. They sought to destroy it.


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  1. The truly chilling part when you think about it is that Stone was so certain they’d get away with making Trump permanent President that he wanted a video record for posterity. Something to show off down the road once we’d become Trumpistan. I guess the preserved for posterity part still applies, but not at all in the way Stone had envisioned. It also makes me wonder who else in that gang decided to “document” their “place in history” because they were so f**king certain they’d get away with creating conditions that would allow Trump to declare Martial Law and that our military would go along and enforce it? Make you wonder doesn’t it? This could be just the first of this type of thing to come out. As the snowball of justice gets rolling downhill it won’t just pick up speed, it will get larger as people start running to prosecutors with evidence to trade for their freedom.

  2. “Nixon and his plumbers were misguided amateurs. That much has been clear for many decades.”
    I beg to differ. They, just like this brand of misfits, actually and still believe they are brilliant.
    They’ve been selling and reselling Trickle Down Voodoo Econ 101 for 40+ years and getting away with.
    Why not this one, too?!?


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