This story of Lauren Boebert is like the cloud following an atomic blast, it keeps mushrooming. It’s been almost a week since the debacle at the Buell Theater in Denver, where Bobo put on a show in the audience that rivaled anything happening on the stage. Her actions have been characterized by Josh Marshall as “something for everybody,” and “more Reality TV nonsense, in other words, pure Lauren Boebert.”

As you can see if you watch, it’s pretty comprehensive. It certainly appears to be a surveillance video from the venue. You see Boebert rocking out, getting fondled by her current boyfriend, vaping, telling the pregnant lady to pound sound. There’s even a little coda at the end where she’s being escorted out by the usher and flips off a theater employee.

It’s a pyrotechnic display of misbehavior and what else would you expect? Boebert thought nothing of doing a reality TV stint at the State Of The Union address, heckling the president of the United States, where she knew she was on camera, and that was the point. Here, she didn’t know she was on camera and so she could be herself. That’s the real issue here. Boebert was being herself because she didn’t know she was on Candid Camera.

Evidently it’s been a wild week at Boebert Campaign Headquarters and so this is Damage Control 101, also known as Too Little Too Late.

She’s playing the sympathy card here. Got news for you, Bobo, the only place you’re going to find sympathy is in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis.

Anybody see sympathy yet? Nope, didn’t think so.

This is the portion of the tape that’s going viral, as you might expect.

Maybe this is the person she tells her constituents she is. Boebert has always depended on visuals, the pistol packing mama. She started out telling Beto O’Rourke, “you’re not going to take our guns” and then her campaign was filled with photos of her carrying pitchers of beer, Glock strapped to hips, and a tight sweater. No, I think this is the product she’s been selling since day one. Her problem now is that she’s been caught lying and this does look a little tacky.

Plus the “do you know who I am?” is not playing so well, because here, on tape, is exactly who she is, a classless broad that would grope and be groped by a guy in public. This is how people behave in drive-in movies and there it’s perfectly acceptable. You’ve got privacy. Maybe Bobo can’t tell the difference. A show’s a show, right? And that’s how she acts at a show.

Bobo thanked the people that have defended her. Like this chap?

HunterFisher’s profile is “I kill stuff, and eat it.” This is a Boebert constituent right here. He’s basic. Everything in life is something you either kill, eat or fuck. Or some combination thereof. And he calls Matt Gaetz “boss.” He follows Kari Lake, Laura Loomer and Kid Rock. We get it. This is a MAGA prime guy, right here. This is the oft-vaunted Base.

Boebert will need plenty of MAGA primes in 2024 to win. Adam For Colorado. Let’s get rid of Bobo.


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  1. To be fair, these kinda are ‘family values’. You can’t have children without sex.

    And they do claim to be ‘the party of family values’, so this must be what they stand for.

  2. …and the guy she was with? A democrat, bar owner that stages drag shows in his bar.

    Missed her values by (holds up a finger while someone else holds up a finger a mile away) that much.

  3. I don’t know hunterfisher, Rhonda in the little twitter photo actually looks hot af. Bobo looks like a hooker who wouldn’t even be able to make money on a street corner on Colfax (Denver).

    Not to be a prude but if the silly cow is in a divorce, I am presuming still in that process, should she be dating? Hate to be old-fashioned and all that but if you’re married you are so until those proceedings are final. Dating outside those sacred bonds (I know, hilarious) is a big No-No. Newsflash bobo, you’d find it easier to live up to some bit of standard societal values if you pay attention to your “difficult divorce proceedings” instead of some guy’s crotch.

    I get that her constituents are not the sharp knives in the drawer but even they ought to look at her little pity pitch for what it is-bullshit. Sure hope Mr. Frisch uses this video footage like a club to knock her out of congress.

    • That will be for her and the judge to talk about. Dinner and a movie. Yeah everybody has to eat and some good wholesome entertainment is good for the stress. Having some guy playing with your tits while your hand is in his lap would not come under good wholesome entertainment. As a matter of fact, her husband has a very nice tape that will afford him the opportunity to tell her he’s taking the kids and that she can f-ck off.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together! What birds? Pussy grabbers and dick grabbers. You might as well throw in Ms. Ed…willlburrr! She was using the gym equipment as sex toys with her ‘trainer’ while hubby was at work. Oh, and lets not forget matt, I’m drunk again, Gaetz, who likes them under age to match his maturity level. Family values? Sure pissants. Think I’ll abandon your ‘family values’ and go with my own.

    (*he wasn’t even in office when he did nothing at the adults only Playboy Mansion , even close to what the freakdom caucus dolphin flogger did in an all ages public venue)


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