Well, after an “exhaustive”, “thorough” investigation of the fairly small number of Justices, their clerks and other staff that work in the SOTUS building the news today is “Golly.  Gee Whiz.  We just can’t get a handle on who that super-duper international spy level capability leaker of the Dobbs decision was!”  Oh they looked.  High.  And Low and everywhere in between.  But gosh darn it they simply don’t have a clue who did this “dastardly” deed.


After all, who would doubt Justices who sat there on national TV in live Senate confirmation hearings and LIED?  Perish the thought!  And let’s face it, while I’m willing to bet at least some questioning of a certain three Justices (purely by coincidence I tell you!), there law clerks and admin staff took place, and maybe even some superficial questions were put to say three, or perhaps four of the GOP appointees let’s get real.  There are TWO guys, as well as their law clerks and staff who were given a wide berth!

(Helpful hint: Take a look at the title pic.  The seated folks.  The two on the left)

Maybe for show “investigators” went into their office spaces, sat in a room with people – and spent the time checking emails on their phones or something but there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell either Alito, Thomas or their people were subjected to any actual questioning or other forms of investigation.  Phone and email records for example, federal agents talking to their friends and reminding said friends of the penalty for lying to a federal LE person.

Nope.  We know who it was.  We’ve known all along it was either Alito, or Thomas or both working together.  After all, this kind of clandestine stuff is maybe, probably out of Alito’s wheelhouse but he knows damn well Thomas is wired into it via his wife.  My belief is that the two of them put their heads together when talk in those daily morning conferences started getting too settled on Roberts crafting another whittling away at Roe instead of overturning it.  So Alito who was well along went to his buddy Thomas and suggested maybe talking to Ginni.

SHE would grasp instantly the value of getting it out there.  To lock in wavering Republicans on SCOTUS and create a big hoopla in the news.  I’m sure she thought as they did there’s be a month of so of pissed off people but come election season it would all be well down the list of what motivated voters.


In the meantime it also handed asshats in the House GOP (and let’s be honest, it was always quite unlikely we’d retain the House, and that the best we could hope for was to keep it sort of close which is what happened.  Even a little better than hoped for in fact) would have a field day with hearings, DEMANDING Democratic appointed Justices and their staffs appear in front of Congressional committees for a roasting.  Which still is likely to happen I might add.

But the fact remains, everyone has known (whether willing to admit it or not) that the leak of the Dobbs decision was a ploy by one, or perhaps two GOP appointed Justices.  And we all know exactly who is responsible.

This whole “Despite all our efforts we can’t ID the leaker(s)” nonsense today’s statement doesn’t pass the smell test.  (If your stomach turns easily stop reading) Imagine if you will a typical Trump day spent stuffing himself with fast food and his typical burnt stead drowned in ketchup dinner.  And imagine after he retires to private quarters his sitting there stewing, trying to write rants for Truth Social and SHARTING the hell out of his underwear – so much that Serve Pro has a contract to come in each morning and get rid of the stench.

Imagine how bad that smells.  Yet this news makes all that seem like a floral shop!

You’d think those oh so “Christiany” GOP “Justices” would have qualms about lying.  Of course they’re mostly Catholic so they’ll just go to confession and have it all forgiven.

(And people who wonder what happened to the good natured guy they once knew, the “gentle giant” that turned him – me – into someone so filled with hatred of a certain group of people.)

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  1. I’ve thought it was Alito from the get-go. Why else would he be saying he could be assassinated and yet there is no proof of anyone trying to harm him, but Democrats in New Mexico had people shooting to their houses ? Antifa doesn’t roll the same way white supremacists, and conspiracy theorist seem to. Seems like he was trying to control the narrative?

  2. Should the G.Q.P. HOR’s hold hearings on this topic AND only question staff of the democratic appointees (and those appointees themselves perhaps), they will be over playing their hand and quite obviously at that. Their districts might be gerrymandered all the way up their colons but looking like the idiotic, vindictive asswipes they are isn’t a good look. I would expect some backlash. Not sure how much but there’d be some. The last thing they need is another election in which the constituents are pissed off about the first time in our country’s history a civil right has been taken away–added to the 2020 election and J6 whining. Of course, these are people with I.Q.’s on par with your average slug so who knows whether they’ll shoot themselves in the foot or even blow their whole damned leg off. It seems they’re going to replay the 2020 election and J6 with more hearings so I’m going to say they’re going for leg removal.

  3. A documentary just aired at Sundance showing what a rapist and all around sexual predator Kavanaugh was. He also perjured himself. 4500 tips to the FBI buried by another rapist. And these are the folks deciding women’s rights. B E A UTIFUL!!!!


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