I’m getting tired of having to write about this megalomaniacal turd, but the news is what it is, and you take what it gives you. And on MSNBC today I heard some polling that gave me a possible window into Netanyahu’s mentality and planning.

Cast  your mind back a ways. Traitor Tot has always had a soft spot for his brother in autocracy. He even weathered international condemnation by, without being asked, moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, pompously declaring it the historical Capitol of Israel, even though it’s never been recognized.

Now forward your mind a bit. Traitor Tot has been more popular in Israel than Netanyahu for years now, and in his last political bid, Netanyahu leaned heavily on the popularity of His Lowness, including a flash visit to get him over the finish line.

When Netanyahu responded militarily to the tragedy of October 7th, the world hoped that it would be a series of quick, surgical strikes to cripple HAMAS and bring the hostages home. But Netanyahu, politically on life support, and knowing that his only straw to grasp was to be thought of as a wartime President, quickly announced that it would take at least a year to eradicate HAMAS. And now I think I know why.

Netanyahu for all intents and purposes already is a pocket dictator. Israel already receives billions of dollars annually in foreign aid and military equipment, yet Netanyahu is self assured enough to feel free to tell American Presidents and congresses to go f*ck themselves if he doesn’t like their criticism. His arrogance is his belief that the powerful Jewish voting bloc in America will protect him. But in reality he’s been eroding that support for years. Here’s the polling I found so important, and why Netanyahu thinks he can use it to his advantage. Earlier today on MSNBC the leader of a grassroots activist organization that works on motivating the 18-29 voter group to register and show up, for some reason MoveOn.org sticks in my mind, raised an alarm.

In 2018 the 18-29 voters were critical to flipping the House blue. They were decisive in putting Biden in the White House in 2020, and equally critical in defusing the vaunted red wave of 2022. And they figure to be equally critical for Biden in 2024.

The secret is that the Democrats have been able to successfully tap into their interests. In 2018 they rode gun control after multiple school massacres. In 2020 Biden spotlighted student debt relief, and strong environmental objectives. The Democrats used his successes as well as abortion to bring them out in 2022.

But here’s the bad news. The group’s polling showed that in 2020, only 4% listed foreign policy as a critical issue in them for voting. In 2024, that has skyrocketed to 80%, tied with abortion as their most pressing issue. And the reason is, of course Israel’s uncontrolled slaughter in Gaza. And they want Biden to bring his howler monkey back under control if they want his vote in November.

I can almost hear the dominos clicking over in Bibi’s head. Biden is a nonstop pain in his ass. Traitor tot is putty in his hands. Netanyahu’s conduct in the war in Gaza has one of Biden’s most powerful voting blocs to desert him. Keep his head down, stretch out the prosecution of the war for six more months, then sit back and wait for El Pendejo Presidente to be sworn in next January. Sh*tty part is, it could work.

But Netanyahu is miscalculating as far as I’m concerned. Netanyahu is desperate, and he’s willing to go to any lengths to stay in power. But he’s ignoring the fact that Biden would also like another term, and he already carries animosity all the way back to the Obama administration, when Bibi did an end run on the White House to speak to a joint session of congress when Obama told him no.

This is shaping up to be a battle of wills, but Netanyahu is missing one thing. White he may be able to pull Trump’s strings, it’s Biden that can pull the purse strings on aid to Israel. And Biden has already directly threatened that continuing US support for Israel, especially military aid, is directly controlled by Israel getting their sh*t together in Gaza, especially protecting foreign aid workers, and allowing sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Biden is walking a tightrope here, but it’s a wide enough one. He still has to show that the US is Israel’s staunchest ally, and that it will ensure that Israel can continue to defend itself. But that could be as simple as replenishing the missiles for Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, without resupplying them with things like fighter aircraft, missiles, mines and dumb bombs used for aggressive purposes. And he has to make these sanctions strong enough, and actually follow through on them if necessary to convince the 18-29 voters that he’s taking their concerns seriously.

Here’s Biden’s edge. In his arrogance, Netanyahu is out of touch with American Jewish voters. Recently the highest ranking elected Jewish politician in America, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the well of the Senate to slam Israel’s handling of the Gaza conflict, and suggesting that it was time for Israel to call for early elections to get new leadership. Netanyahu was furious, calling the speech an intrusion into internal Israeli political affairs, but the stupid sh*t didn’t think it through. Schumer represents New York, with one of the largest Jewish populations in the country. Does anybody with 12 functioning brain cells honestly believe that Schumer would make that speech from the floor if he thought that the backlash would cost him in his next election?

Netanyahu has gone too far right, too fast, and too arrogantly, and it’s eroding his support in the US Jewish community. As I wrote recently, if there’s one thing about a Holocaust, it’s that the people who have actually been through 0one knows what it looks, feels, and smells like. And the last thing that those people want is to be a part of a regime that engineers one. Never. Again.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. President Biden should find a way to switch Israel’s defense $$ to Ukraine. And make Bibi’s head explode. And impress the 18-29 group. The President has already said Bibi’s actions are shitty, this should be the next step.


  2. Funny how Bibi raged about Schumer’s “intrusion into internal Israeli politics” when Bibi is essentially trying to intrude into internal US politics.


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