The guy who you’re about to listen to looks and sounds like the sort of fellow who would be a boomerang kid if he had ever left the nest to begin with.

He’s got that “Mom’s basement” aura about him and the absurdity he’s spewing can only come from somebody who has little or no life experience and sits around the house playing video games or watching TV all day.

Without further ado, yet another design for a new government, not resembling democracy in the least. Maybe we’ll find a new name for it. What is government by the most violent and ill informed? Anybody?

This is the best argument I’ve heard for keeping a Republican president out of the White House in all my days.

Think about this now. We would get the guy with the fur and horns as a House Rep. Remember the QAnon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, who got 41 months in prison for his antics? Well, he could study law and government while he’s in the slammer, under this proposal and then he’ll be ready to serve right alongside George Santos, Lauren & Marge, all the rest.

You thought things were already a nightmare, but that’s because ye are of limited vision. This wingnut commentator has really come up with the Government from Hell, with his proposal. Once again, the RWNJs come up with comedy sketches utterly beyond the capacity of the Onion or SNL writers.



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  1. Thing is, the furry shaman would probably make a better speaker than spineless McCarthy even with his obvious mental failings. Granted, that is a low bar…


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