No, he didn’t call it MyDrone. And I for one am very disappointed. However, I do like the bombast and hubris of the presentation. It’s in color, has charts, yes siree, and a narrator with a British accent. Is that class or what? The presentation runs three minutes. But first, here’s poor Mike dealing with a broken mic and this was only one of many technical incidents. He does not know how to hire stage techies, that’s the absolute take away from this farcical summit.

The first gaffe was yesterday when Lindell ordered a clip and up came an old monologue of Jimmy Kimmel’s. Unbelievable but not uncommon, not when Lindell is onstage.

A 03:17 clip is at this link, after a 14-second ad. You will love it.

What’s that you say? What about all the false positives from people accessing the internet from their phones. Well, we’re sure Mike has a solution for that. How about MyDungeon, where people who insist on using their cell phones within five miles of a polling place on election day, end up being grabbed off the streets and incarcerated until all the ballots are counted? That would get rid of a lot of nonsense, right there.

My question is, will the drone have a nice soft pillow to land on after a hard day’s work, flying around up there in the sky, all by itself? You would think so, considering the source here, right?

Well, that’s the high point, the climax if you will, of the two-day Lindell summit, a staggering affair, with 200 odd people in attendance and 1,300 or so watching online on Lindell TV.

I know that you will sleep better, as will I, knowing that this is in the world. Thank you, Mike Lindell, for being the guardian of our peace of mind. (thud)

(pssst….that was me falling over laughing)

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  1. What The F**k? Let’s assume the highly unlikely possibility that these things will be deployed and actually collect and relay WiFi signals. LOTS of people and offices are in or next to places where polling stations are located! Perhaps someone will do Lindell a financial solid and sue for an injunction before he throws away what’s left of his money on this.

    Let’s do a little Arithmetic shall we? There are over 176k voting precincts in the U.S. Let’s simplify as much as we can and round it DOWN to 175k. Keep in mind that each is open for at least twelve hours, which means it takes at least two drones to provide coverage, and since breakdowns are inevitable three for each would be necessary. Actually, it would be required because you’d want the next drone overhead and providing data before you flew the one currently doing so to a landing for recharging. In reality, you’d need more but let’s be generous and say 3 per precinct.

    That’s 525k drones, and since there are places (cities, you know where “those” people vote”) where you’d want and need to make extra sure additional drones would be needed. So let’s say (again being conservative) 550k drones. Now, a quick check shows you can actually get a pretty cheap drone that has WiFi built in for as little as thirty bucks. I’m not into drones but I’d bet the range of the WiFi and battery time is pretty limited on such a basic model. So again, being conservative let’s go for something a little more robust when it comes to battery time for staying up in the air. I doubt that for even fifty bucks you could buy one that would stay up for seven or eight hours, but let’s go with that just to be nice to ole Mikey.

    Alas, that’s not the end of things. There’s the matter of replacing the “stock” WiFi with the super-special “proprietary” WiFi unit “specially engineered” (wonder how many millions got shelled out for THAT already!) to do all the cool stuff the dude with the British accent talked about. You think those units will come cheap? Or the labor to “install and test” them? In theory maybe twenty five or thirty bucks to manufacture and program but as well know Lindell ain’t playing with a full deck. If someone tells him each WiFi unit will cost a hundred bucks or more once installation and testing are factored in (leaving themselves a tidy profit) he’ll believe it.

    So, 550k units at (again, being conservative $150 each comes to… $82,500,000! And THAT’s not counting the expense of the computer system to collect and report all that “real time data” and store it and the servers that will allow Lindell’s faithful listeners (rubes) to access the website! Oh, and the staff to maintain all that as well as the crack cust. service folks to call in with “eyewitness” reports they will make after rushing to “election crime scenes” to collect “evidence” on their cell phones! Or the crack(erjack) “investigators who will have to deploy to get details and catalogue it all for the “report” that will absolutely positively be irrefutable evidence any judge will have to admit into evidence.

    This will easily become a hundred million dollar venture. Or misadventure and I for one don’t think Lindell has anywhere near that much cash left. Nor will he be able to raise it. It’s not like Trump will pitch for it – HE’S got his own problems in the form of ever growing legal bills.

    I have to admit it’s been fun delving into this though.

    • Well, I’m guessing Mike probably won’t bother having his drones operating in “friendly” areas (ie, precincts that have voted “red” with 60% or better for the last three or four election cycles every single time) so you can probably eliminate a good chunk of the country. For instance, covering Washington State and Oregon would probably just cover those states’ western areas where the more liberal-leaning populations reside while ignoring the eastern areas that have been pretty reliably conservative. And I can imagine that Alabama’s southern half outside of the Black Belt and inner city Mobile would be drone-free and, while Birmingham and Jefferson County would be covered with drones, the city’s suburbs (which are mostly white and generally strong GOP havens) would be drone-free.
      Of course, a good court would throw out any “evidence” gathered under such a scenario but we’re talking about a die-hard Trump supporter here and the only evidence such people accept is the stuff that backs up their preconceived notions/fantasies.

  2. The love of money, and the culturally promoted false adolation of those who sit on piles of cash, is why America sits on the brink of disaster. Integrity? Truth? Character? Self sacrifice for others? True education that accepts facts and questions everything else? Open mindedness? Tolerance? Justice? Nope! Our culture worships the rich, allowing them to make the rules, break the rules, and USE the rest of us to their purpose, i.e., to pile up more cash. They dominate every media outlet whether they are stupid, evil, or vacuous. We promote ‘stars’ in entertainment and sports to pontificate on subjects they know nothing about. We create lawmakers like RFK Jr. We listen to anti-science idiots like famous quarterbacks. We create citizens who know knowing about our history, the origins of their so called religious beliefs, or any goddamn thing that matters. We allow the creators of death industries to grow rich and free, while incarcerating those who cannot be proven to hurt anyone. We are regulated to the point we have no say what we do with our own bodies, while being encouraged to smoke, drink, and sit on our collective arses. If we stay on this path, we’ll stand no more chance than the women and children slaughtered daily in military campaigns. Just look how this soulless, stupid phucker is still in the news. Your honor I present exhibit A and rest my goddamn case. Money is just a tool, like a hammer. You can build a house or bash someone’s brains in. We were warned many centuries ago that the worship of money is the root of all evil. Believe it. We are reaping that fact daily.


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