Nick Adams, Alpha Male, is an account on Twit-X that bills itself as Donald Trump’s favorite author. So this is hard core MAGAdonia that we are about to trek through now. Get your hip high boots on and put a clothespin on your nose, we’re going to be wading through some real bullshit here.

You see right now the direction things are going. Starting from here, it’s bound to get batshit very quickly and indeed it does just that.

Nuttiness from the right, the left strikes back.

And on it goes.

This is not a good move for MAGA. But the war is on now. And this is what started it, in all truth.

It’s good that the context was added. When Taylor Swift went after Marsha Blackburn, we wrote about it here. But where this is accurate, is that Swift is attacking MAGA and all politicians MAGA, at least that’s how MAGA is perceiving it.

Every instinct I have say that this is going to backfire in MAGA’s face. Good. Let’s watch it.

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  1. This is going to end badly for the trunts of the magat party. By badly I mean they will look bad. Ok, look worse. Bobo the trunt will look quite tawdry and used up.

  2. I am a 58 year old man who mostly listens to AC/DC and Metallica. It doesn’t matter. As of today, you can consider me a proud member of Taylor Swift’s army. The alt-right must be destroyed. Completely, totally, utterly destroyed. Ladies and gentlemen, this is war!

  3. What a strange twisted world of lies and misinformation and distortion these people live in.

    A lying cheating failed businesswomen who performs sex acts in public is ‘classy’ while another women, now a billionaire as a result of her own talent, and beloved by millions of fans, and who keeps her private life, private is ‘trashy’ ?

    No wonder they’re losing the women’s vote.



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