I give up. I swear to God, I give up. Like everybody else who can tie their own shoes in the morning, I took vicious glee in Trattor Tot’s Big Announcement that anybody with $100 a pop, and the IQ of celery can have exclusive limited edition electronic Donald Trump Trading Cards! 

Have you seen these things? They’re pathetic! Trumpenstein got some kid with a photoshop app on his computer to make Trump into a Superhero with laser eyes, an astronaut, a NASCAR driver, Uncle Loopy from Lonesome Dove, and an elephant tamer, among other stupidity. And the worst part is that they aren’t even particularly well done. The costumes are cartoonish, and the backgrounds are stock cartoon or comic book backgrounds.

Yeah, right. Guess who’s getting the last laugh? It was reported yesterday that Trump’s limited edition collection had sold out in less than 36 hours. The estimated total sae price was $4.5 million. Granting a production and exchange site fee of 10%, His Kowness just made a cool $4 million in less than 36 hours by doing nothing more than personally debasing himself, and looking like a total shithead.

I don’t get it! How is this kind of self destructive stupid even possible. When The Mango Messiah made his Big Announcement, even FUX News couldn’t cover it without a sardonic sigh, and a strained I gotta fart smile on their faces. Nobody took this seriously, not even Trump, who in his announcement sounded more like Popiel announcing his NEW Pocket Fisherman for only $19.99! Except Trump wasn’t interested in the low rent district.

I apologize guys, but I just don’t get it! How can people who assumedly are intelligent and self sufficient enough to earn that kind of scratch throw away $4500 on Trump trading cards? Even the Trump base is honest about it. Many of them freely admit that Trump is a troglodyte, but the continue to support him just because it pisses off libtards! They revel in their Bad Boy status.

OK, fine. But to the tune of $4500? Shit dude! In 2016, when my beloved Cubs won the World Series for the first time in more than 100 years, I contented myself with a $40 commemorative t-shirt, and a cap because I wasn’t willing to spring for the $450 it would cost for an official jersey with my name on the back of it. And these brain dead fucktards are throwing away $4500 for something you literally can’t even hold in your hands?

Look, as I’ve said, people collect all kinds of things. My own beloved mother collected Norman Rockwell commemorative plates, limited and numbered. But she did it because she actually liked the things, and she wasn’t pumping out $100 a shot for the goddamned things. And you can forget about scarcity, and future higher resale value. Who but a total Trumptard would want to bow $100 a pop for 45 schlock trading cards, and which brain dead Trumptards would want to pay more than that 6 months down the road, because they were too slow to pull the trigger?

This worries me. It worries me because it is now clear that we have a sizeable portion of the GOP that are willing to go so far as to indulge in personally self destructive behavior in order to make their point. And it better worry the hell out of the GOP too. Because due to their cowardice, they have allowed Trump to morph into Trumpism, And whatever happens to Trump from here on out, these mental midgets will be around for years, causing trouble for the GOP. As ye Sow, so shall ye reap.

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  1. Next time I hear a republican complain about spending for social programs, they’ll need that faux superhero, cuz I’m going to chap their ass. If you can afford to piss away hundreds of millions on a talking turd then you lost all right to talk about tax dollars. Of course they lost that a long time ago. Joe. Face it. You already knew they were the demons of DUMB.

  2. If you stopped and thought about you would realize that it was a nifty way to craft a conduit for foreign entities to skirt election campaign finance laws and to donate to his campaign. Betcha most of the purchasers won’t even pick up their non tangible asset.

    • I’ll go with that, but there’s one problem. Trump undertook this enterprise as a private citizen, so the income is NOT sbject to FEC rules…It’s his own money he’s playing with…

    • Maybe. Thing is that would require former guy and the idiots holding him up to be a lot more intelligent than they have shown thus far. More to the point, such a scheme would actually be fairly easy to trace; easier than the money laundering he did with real estate. No, this is more likely a case of Occam’s Razor-his magats, even now, have too much money on their hands and too little sense on what to spend it on.

  3. It could be that Trump’s NFT scam has nothing to do with the actual $ he’s making off them, but a cover for international money laundering. It would make sense why Garland hasn’t thrown his ass in prison yet. It would also explain why they sold out so fast. I don’t know how to embed a video, but the Meidas Touch video referenced below is well worth 20 minutes of you time and consideration.

    “Could Trump NFT Announcement Be A Money Laundering Front?”


    “Could Trump’ NFT Announcement Be A Money Laundering Front”

    • I didn’t see your comment before posting my own identical summation. If it’s obvious to us, it’s obvious to Garland and other prosecutors as well.

  4. By officially declaring his candidacy, he can’t raise money to keep his squandered inheritance afloat. He can only raise $ for his campaign. Since these aren’t regulated, foreign $ can go into his coffers, he can continue to live on someone else’s dime. In addition since the NFT market isn’t regulated he doesn’t actually have to send anything. Sort of like Saudis renting hundreds of hotel rooms w/o staying there.

    What I think is most hilarious to these troglodytes who bought theses POS…let’s say they find sone stooge to sell it to, they don’t get to keep the entire sale price. They have to give Trump a % of the same price. Only a moronic, willfully ignorant, pathetic idiot would want anything like this. Only those who feel they are special & smart b/c they believe a CT would think this scheme a must have. This is why everyone exploits these people. From Joel Osteen to Trump. They are RUBES and will happily buy the Brooklyn Bridge several times in one day from the same person.

  5. I think the author is not looking at the bigger picture with this story.

    I’m sure some rubes emptied their diminished piggy banks and “bought” a few of these (I still can’t figure out what NFTs are supposed to do anyway) but they are not the real target market. The scheme here was to funnel untraceable cash into tRump pockets from deep pocket donors (fellow grifters) and bypass election funding oversight.

    Also understand, he isn’t running for President . He is attempting to subvert his culpability in the current dozens of crimes and malfeasance he is under the gun for right now.


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