Be A MAN For Once In Your Life, Senator McConnell


How are you feeling tonight, Senator? Did you watch the ceremony? Of course you did, you were there, along with the rest of the leadership. Did it even make an impression on you? This was a man you knew, whether you knew him by name of not, you interacted with him. And now his blood is on your hands.

If you’re looking for sympathy from me, you’ve come to the wrong place. Look it up in the dictionary, sympathy falls between shit and syphilis. Which is right about where you fall in these days too.

For five long years, you silently enabled the corpulent, hateful toad in the White House. You laughed off most of his vitriolic hatred, giving him tacit permission to keep right up, and when the truth became uncomfortable, you shrugged it off the the media with an offhand I don’t follow his tweets.

The truly tragic part is that none of this had to happen! You already had your chance. Just a bare year ago, you and the rest of your sniveling sycophants sat in judgement of The Man Who Would Be Bling. There was more than ample evidence that Trump had violated his oath to the constitution, and to his country. But your troth was already plighted to Trump, and it was politically expedient to just keep letting him run amok. Think of this. If the rest of you craven cowards had followed the lead of Senator Romney, and voted to convict, none of this ever would have happened. His blood is on all of your hands, and I sincerely hope that you’re visited nightly by a pale ghost sitting on your headboard.

But there is a glimmer of hope for you Senator McConnell. You have one out, one chance at redemption. And here it is. Tonight, this minute, you get on the blower to every member of your caucus of cowards. And you tell them that you expect to see them in the rotunda of the Capitol at 7 tomorrow morning. They will pay their respects, and they will look that family in the eye, and offer their sincere condolences, and their personal apologies.

And when all of that is done, and the official congressional ceremony is over with, at 2 PM, you will call your ragtag cadre of cowards into a conference room. You will remind them that the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump will begin on Tuesday. And they will listen to the evidence, and they will keep an open mind. And then you will tell them that, when they go to cast their votes, the last thought that should go through their minds was the events of this morning, because they are all complicit in it.

Because this isn’t political anymore. Not anymore. Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, and all of the other Democrats who pushed so hard for this second impeachment were all right, all along. The ceremony we witnessed tonight, and the even more solemn congressional memorial that will follow tomorrow, are an exercise in national mourning and healing. And there can’t be healing without responsibility and accountability. And while almost almost every single one of the total GOP caucus in congress was implicit in enabling Trump’s blatant attempt at a coup d etat. it is far past time for Trump himself to pay the piper.

So come on Mitch, for once in your sad, shallow, power craven life, do something for someone other than yourself. Trump can’t hurt you anymore, you just got reelected. And besides, the party that you swore your fealty to all those decades ago doesn’t exist anymore, it belongs to Trump now. Think of the haunted, shattered looks in the eyes of the family you saw tonight. Do the right thing. You won’t get sainthood, but at this point, whatever rehabilitation you can get is the best you can hope for. DO you honestly want your name linked to Trump’s for all of history?

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  1. Possibly the best article of yours I’ve ever read, Mr Murphy. Sadly, it will fall on very deaf ears, the ones flanking a stunted brain, which controls a dead heart. There’s absolutely no shred of humanity within the reptilian form of Moscow Mitch.

  2. “And you tell them that you expect to see them in the rotunda of the Capitol at 7 tomorrow morning. They will pay their respects, and they will look that family in the eye, and offer their sincere condolences, and their personal apologies.”

    And accept being slapped (hard) on the face and being turned around and kicked (harder) on the ass with a beaming smile while saying, “May I please have some more, sir/madam?”

    I’m guessing the families would be far more satisfied with that over the “sincere” condolences or apologies as there can’t possibly be anyone stupid enough to think a GOPer, especially a Trumpista, would know how to offer anything with any measure of sincerity. I mean, how often was a school shooting met with calls for gun control and reform only for GOP leaders saying “We can’t do it while everyone’s emotions are so raw” so the matter was put aside and, after a “reasonable” time had passed, so too were any plans to take up the issue (sometimes, just in time for yet another mass shooting to happen)?

  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your words are true, and your EPISTLE to Mich is something he should READ and HEED! I am disturbed about the dangerous divisions in our country. As one of our greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln once said: “A house divided against itself can not stand. Of course, he got that from Jesus of Nazareth, who was nor speaking about architecture, but about serving either God or The Devil; but you can’t do both unless you are Donald John Trump.” One of the old guys from the Old Testament proclaimed,”As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.” Another great president Harry S. Truman correctly observed, “It is not popularity contests or opinion polls that matter. If Moses had taken a Poll, they would have prefered to remain in Egypt as Slaves. If Jesus of Nazareth had won a Popularity Contest, they would have never crucified him. If Martin Luther decided to sit in his Augustinian German Monastery and listened to everything thing other people told him, he would have never started the ball rolling for the The Reformation of The Holy Roman Catholic Church. AS good old “THE BUCK STOPS HERE” Harry concluded, It is not Popularity Polls or public opinion that matters. “IT IS RIGHT OR WRONG LEADERSHIP. Well, for the past four years Mr Trump has lead us down a one-way road to HELL. As Americans, we could all continue to follow him, or we could say “FUCK NO!” and turn around, and let the Donald keep on truckin to HELL. All I can say and pray God Help us,heal us and save us. AMEN!

  4. Thanks Murfster, this brought a tear to my eye. This craven coward could do so much for America and his legacy. For once, stand up to the trouble makers in his side of the Senate, tell them to pull their heads in. That they WILL partake fairly in this trial. They will take notice of the evidence, and they WILL vote to their conscience, as a result. America needs to be purged of that hateful orange criminal, that is still just trying to stir trouble. He’s in heaven with all these conspiracy fools. People will actually be proud of McConnell, for once.

  5. So much of what keeps you going, showing in this one, Murf. And that’s your heart. If only everyone had a heart like yours, and the mind to go with, the world would be such a better place. I hope your family and friends know how lucky they are to have you. We are lucky to have you, too. K

  6. I swear if it was my own relative being honored in the Capitol Rotunda I’d have a full list of EVERY asshole (I’d know some of them by sight) who voted to challenge the counting of the electoral ballots. I’d stand there at the entrance live streaming my asking each and every one of them to right then and there acknowledge the election was free and fair and that Trump LOST. That Trump was wrong to carry on the way he did. That THEY were wrong to indulge him for their own political gain. And to APOLOGIZE to the country, to all of Officer Sicknick’s family (asking how many of them can you name? Even ONE?), to the other Officers who were injured and to all the LOYAL Capitol Police who tried their best to defend against the domestic terrorists Trump assembled and sent to the Capitol.

    And if they refused, summoning every ounce of self-discipline I posses NOT to punch them in the mouth would grab their shoulder and turn them away and say then you are NOT welcome here so just go the fuck back to your office or to your seditionist pals! I’d tell them that if they had ANY honor they’d resign effective immediately but that I know honor is a trait they have proven they don’t possess.

    Once upon a time, when I could have picked any M.O.S. I wanted I volunteered for infantry. I fully expected to wind up in the Chouf Mountains overlooking the airport in Beirut, delivering an emphatic message to those who wished us ill and would do us harm. The revenge for every gomer I killed would have been just a bonus. Being 26 when I volunteered for that means I knew people from my hometown who went to Vietnam and came back less than whole, or in a casket. I had NO illusions about what I was volunteering for could mean to me personally.

    I was willing to be sacrificed for the honor of my Marine Corps (the PLC class at SIU had accepted me as one of their own long before I got turned down for OCS and I was jarhead through and through well before I enlisted after being turned down for Officer Candidate School), and my country. I will go to my grave grieving not just the loss of those who died in the Barracks bombing but the lost chance to deliver an unmistakeable message to the gomers that fucking with us like that was something they’d never want to try again. Not to mention how many of those who would go on to become key players in groups that would go on to do more and more to us would have been killed? PTSD, loss of limb and even life were sacrifices worth making. I believed it then, and believe it now.

    However you touched on something that knocked me on my ass. The sacrificing of good people, not just (thankfully) the one who lost his life but others. One has lost an eye. Others suffers wounds which will affect them for years, if not for the rest of their lives. A LOT of Capitol Police Officers.

    And for what? POLIICAL expediency. The Sedition Caucus, and even those who didn’t vote with it but indulged Trump’s big LIE sacrificed those officers for their own political benefit. Because they were worried about Trump’s twitter feed and him ruining their careers. What kind of “ruin” would they have actually faced? But they were cowards, and by letting the big LIE marinate and build they emboldened an insurrection by domestic terrorists, thousands of which were NOT in DC on January 6 but now are surely a quite real threat to countless people on both sides of the political aisle.

    It will take some actual courage now. Still, our country and the times demand it. Anything less than an overwhelming vote by the Senate to CONVICT Trump THIS time (as they COULD have and SHOULD have a year ago) along with a joint resolution calling on the FBI, other federal LE and state LE to treat this problem like the DOMESTIC TERRORISM problem it truly is and to marshal all available resources to yank this domestic terrorism problem out at the roots would be a travesty.

    Sadly, I simply don’t see that happening. Political expediency/convenience will rule the day.

    FUCK THEM. Fuck every last one of them who has, and will continue to lack the willingness to do the right thing.



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