Theoretically, newsreaders are supposed to be in search of the facts – stop laughing – and not part of a presidential election team. Stop laughing. It’s only a theory. It is only a theory with respect to Fox – as we increasingly see – and the Trump campaign.

Maria Bartiromo is an interesting case, formerly known as the “Money Honey” on CNBC (By the misogynist traders, though she loved it). She was respected as someone with her fingers on the pulse of the market and what CEOs and traders want and anticipate. You could trust she did her homework and was reporting the truth.

Then she went to Fox, and something happened. She changed. In fact, she became entirely unrecognizable. She may have always been a Republican – she wasn’t named the money honey by accident – but she also appeared far too smart to not just vote for Trump but to fall head first into the cult. Of all the Fox newsreaders, perhaps only Carlson was worse when it came to outright lies about the election.

Yesterday, Tucker was further exposed. Today, it’s Bartiromo’s turn in the barrel, and she doesn’t fail to disappoint. She must not be very respected because she was texting Steve Bannon:

From NBC News:

In text messages with Bannon on Nov. 10, 2020, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo said, “Omg I’m so depressed. I can’t take this,” and lamented how upsetting it was to watch the “world move forward.”

“I want to see massive fraud exposed. Will he be able to turn this around,” she added, referring to Trump. “I told my team we are not allowed to say pres elect at all. Not in scripts or in banners on air. Until this moves through the courts.”

Bannon later replied, “You are our fighter. Enough with the sad ! We need u.”

“You are our fighter.” Strange. She was a Fox News employee. The use of the word “our” there is a bit out of place, perhaps a little humiliating to Maria?

Bannon then texted her with what he called “the plan.”

“1. We either close on Trumps victory or delegitimize Biden 2. Win both seats in Georgia 3. Win back house in 2022 4. Elect u to the senate 5. IF we don’t close on Trump victory now have trump declare for 2024 the day after taking back House and your win in Nov 2022.”

Bang. “Delegitimize Biden,” doing all she can to cast doubt on his election, and she went above and beyond in delegitimizing Biden’s win. Again, perhaps only Tucker did more.



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  1. When the light comes on, the cockroaches either freeze, hoping you won’t notice them, or they pull a Josh Hawley, and RUN LIKE HELL!

  2. Here we are looking at one week until we reset our clocks ahead next Sunday in defiance of the laws of nature and our planet’s wobbly path, pretending Spring is spronging shortly and yet, Trump is STILL spreading manure all over our country … Like a terrified rabbit skipping across fresh snow in your back yard, going so fast his little feet hardly leave any tracks …

    The big scare in Trump’s life now, is the biggest shadow of the reaper on the walls, which is a very good image of a certain declared, “SPECIAL”, agent of doom for all things 01/06 …

    The number of, “guilty”, and charged vermin from that frightful day continues to expand, while Tucker’s predicted cherry-picked video was a slam on all those dead or seriously injured police by those members of the ugly mob crashing our beautiful Capitol building.

    Trump is seriously close to being chained into a bright orange jumpsuit and walked into court to face his fateful and long over due public fall into a hell that scares him into the frazzled, and weak, humiliated, and resources short orange bug without his clown shoes, only bright orange tennis shoes, his head shaved into a glorious large cue ball …

    Another day of popcorn and cold beer … All the complicit, well known Republicans should be fined and imprisoned for supporting the biggest loser in the World ,,,


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