In the end, it always comes down to the will to win. As a hockey player, I have participated in games where we were already written off before the first puck even dropped. But we played for pride, and wanted to make a statement, and the other team underestimated us, and we kicked their asses. Some of the best moments of my life.

Are we about to see the same damn thing in Ukraine? Just now, Ali Velshi on MSNBC had on decorated retired naval intelligence officer and author Malcolm Nance, who had just spent the last month in the Ukraine. And Nance told Velshi that during his travels to the front lines, one of the questions he was most frequently asked was about was IED,s. Improvised Explosive Devices, the roadside bombs that Iraqi insurgents put at the side of the road to cripple and maim US armored transport vehicles. They wanted to know how to build and use them.

Get this straight. The Ukrainian military is not going to give up the fight, and they are prepared to use every weapon at their disposal, even IED’s to do it. And behind them are long lines of Ukrainian citizens queueing up at enlistment centers to join the fight. And Ukrainian gun stores have run out of guns and ammunition from people arming the fight the Russian invaders.

And what do you have on the other side? The vaunted Russian military juggernaut. Read a bunch of tired, homesick conscripts serving out their mandatory military service. They’re just following orders. They don’t know shit about Ukraine, Hell, some of them might even have friends and relatives in Ukraine, but now they have orders to invade and subjoicate it. And they have no idea why.

On the one hand you have a superior force that has been given no good reason for invading a friendly neighbor. And on the other side, And on the other side, you have a pretty well trained, better than average equipped force that is ready to use any means and tactics at their disposal, including IED’s and partisan bands to defend their country. Take my word for it, Putin has bitten off more than he can chew.


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  1. The righteously now-famous incident at Snake Island speaks to your point, Murf. 13 guards get hailed by a Russian warship to surrender. The message back: “Russian warship, go f*** yourself.” They all died, those 13, but they did it standing up. And they left behind a statement on par with the one to the demand for King Leonidas’ 300 Spartans to lay down their weapons: “Come and take them.”

    As I told my mother yesterday, Putin has just pulled a reverse 9/11, one where the bad guys all out themselves to their own detriment.

  2. I read a report, where a whole platoon of Russian soldiers surrendered. They said they didn’t know they were going in to kill people. They had a different understanding of their purpose and decided they weren’t fighting these people. I also saw examples of civilians ready to arm and fight to the end, including a single mom pharmacist who says she will make bombs if needed. Putin has no idea what he is up against.

  3. Just saw a tweet of a Ukrainian female entrepreneur saying how her mother and mother-in-law are making Molotov cocktails. Saw another about an engineer who stayed behind to blow up a bridge to halt the Russian advance, taking hinself out in the process. And that unit that surrendered was a motorcycle reconnaissance unit that had apparently been lied to.

    No, Putin has no idea at all what he has unleashed.

  4. We need the same resolve & commitment to freedom here. Period. Don’t think for a second we can’t lose our democracy. Funny, that’s not the message the Founding fathers & many leaders have warned us about. We wouldn’t even have a country if not for one man, who stood alone time & again…George Washingtin. Hothead? Yes. Inexperienced when he took on the most powerful military in the known world? Yes. Unbendable & unwavering? Yes. We have a nation where 99% of YOU have no earthly idea of the sacrifice of military service. No idea at all. I wonder how a nation of half educated comfortable consumers could ever stand up to a ruthless dictator. Now I know 74 million of you want to be ruled as peasants. One of our two political parties are with our enemies, yet still are given titles & power in our congress. The #1 traitor & serial killer is probably playing golf as I write. 5.2 million children have lost a caregiver due to this pimp setting the virus loose upon us for a fucking year b4 Biden was elected & set about to contain it. I ask all of the citizens who aren’t in the cult, what are YOU prepared to do?????? Type? Typing didn’t stop putin & it won’t be enough to stop these pigs for unbridled power & wealth here. Count on it.


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