This is becoming as predictable as it is sickening.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

“A state senate candidate is being charged with exposing a minor to sexual grooming behaviors.

That’s a class four felony.

Joel Koskan is a Republican running for state Senate in District 26.Assistant Attorney General Mandy Miller filed charges against Koskan on Thursday.Court documents indicate the crimes began in 2014 when the child was 12 years old.

According to a probable cause statement obtained by SDPB, the Division of Criminal Investigation met with the victim earlier this year for an interview. The DCI report, now under seal, details years of child sexual abuse and surveillance.

The documents show DCI agents said probable cause exists to show Koskan committed acts of rape and sexual contact with a child under sixteen.According to the statement, the victim told DCI agents Koskan had been raping them since they “were a young child.”

Other reports I have read indicate that the child in question was an adopted child committed to Koskan’s care.

Despicable and disgusting if the charges are as alleged.

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem has endorsed this candidate…

Perhaps a little vetting in the future would save her some embarrassment.

Fortunately South Dakota voters have a good alternative candidate…

Vote out all Republicans!

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  1. A little vetting might serve her (and other GOP leaders) better in the future? I rather doubt it. Here’s the checklist:
    * Lifelong hard-core RWNJ conservative with proof (i.e. donations, community activism, social media posts) to prove it.
    * Regular spouting of the Big Lie about the 2020 election
    * Willingness to support (and vote for if elected) the gutting of Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid, Regulation, Climate Protection, Reproductive Rights (unless they or theirs want birth control or an abortion of course!) and of course the ability of Democrats to vote
    * Being a loudmouthed ASSHOLE
    * Strong fascist leanings. Extra points, and enthusiasm when endorsing if the candidate is already on record expressing Fascist talking points.
    * General sleaziness of character
    * Clearly demonstrated lack of shame over their own or ANY GOP candidate’s hypocrisy

    That’s just off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own but Noem and others DO vett their candidates they will support/endorse. It’s just that a different and despicable set of standards is used!

  2. Sexual assault? Yawn…75 million are perfectly fine with that, having voted for a pussy grabber twice! The good news is if the DOJ continues the path of no charges, then a serial rapist can steal another election, force women to raise children from rape & incest, and the rapist will get parental rights! And no money will be taken from the top 5% to raise these little bastard children. Sit back. Relax. It’s God’s will. Praise the lord! Praise Allah!
    Hey ladies. Is this what you want? Do something about it. Vote!

  3. Vetting for GOP endorsement:
    1. Do you believe Joe Biden stole the 2020 election?
    If answer is “YES”, then you get the nod.
    No further vetting required.

  4. And, of course, absolutely NONE of this will change the right-wing or QAnon claims of “gay pedophile groomers” even though history shows that 95% of ALL sexual predators are HETEROSEXUAL and those who prey on boys do so *only* because of easier access.

  5. Hey! Q-a-morons! Are you paying attention to the group (s) caught with their hands in the cookie jar/on children? It’s always the xtian, conservative, republicans. Hmmmm, something is DEFINITELY wrong with YOUR projection.

    Of course, I wasn’t making a mistake when I called you all Q-a-morons.


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