When he’s not visiting Moscow for the 4th of July, Ron Johnson, aka “RoJo” is saying stupid things. His latest is a conspiracy theory that the Capitol rioters were not, in fact, Trump supporters but were “left-wing provocateurs” and “fake” Trump supporters. So Al Franken picked up on that, and opined that maybe Ron Johnson is an Antifa plant. 

Johnson falsely said that the attackers on the Capitol were “fake Trump protesters.” Thus far the FBI has arrested more than 250 people for participating in the attack on the Capitol, NPR reported but at no point has the FBI been able to find evidence that they were “fake” Trump supporters. All were supporters of former President Donald Trump and had a long history of supporting Trump.

Using the senator’s logic, however, Franken explained, “Ron Johnson is obviously ANTIFA, posing as a nutcase Trump supporter to discredit Trump backers in Congress. It’s working!”

There is something seriously wrong with this country when Ron Johnson is still in the Senate and Al Franken is not.

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  1. Well, Franken would still be in the Senate if he’d had a chance to defend himself against the groping allegations but too many “progressives” wanted him gone to show how “good” our side is–even though it didn’t make a hill of beans difference in terms of the other side’s reaction or response. The other side, after all, backed Trump and Kavanaugh wholeheartedly through ALL the many allegations of sexual assault.

    No. “WE” had to show how virtuous “WE” were by dumping a guy without giving him the chance to defend himself.

    • I should note that I’m not saying women shouldn’t be heard when they make a claim of sexual assault but it is pretty damned disgraceful when our side decides it won’t listen to the accused’s side before issuing a condemnation. GOPers get away with pretty much everything without being forced to resign or drop out of a race (in most cases, they get the support of their fellow GOPers until their guilt is virtually proved) but a Democrat will get thrown under the bus, then the bus runs him over, backs up and runs over him again (before the bus then blasts exhaust fumes and leaks oil on him).

      • There were 9 charges against Franken. We don’t know the veracity of them because he resigned before they were investigated. That was in large part because Schumer said he would pull Franken’s committee assignments if he didn’t resign. This most likely had little to do with a show of moral purity and everything to do with the election results in Minnesota a year earlier and polling at the time, which had Republicans rubbing their hands in glee over the possibility of snatching Amy Kobuchar’s seat in 2018. At the time Schumer pushed Franken to resign it looked very possible. That didn’t change until well into the following year when the tide turned and eventually Klobuchar was reelected by 20 points. I suspect this had something to do with why Klobuchar didn’t sign the letter urging him to resign with 32 other senators and met with him privately instead. I think she said at the time it was a courtesy since they were from the same state, but I have little doubt this was on the table. So it was practical rather than moral concerns.


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