Rule of thumb: If you spend years attacking and attempting to demonize a group of people because such rhetoric is popular with your viewers and drives ratings, you don’t get to suddenly switch gears and pretend to be a decent human being on a dime.

Not without some blowback you don’t:

Huffington post

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday said “violence and cruelty should always horrify us every single time” following the mass shooting at the LGBTQ Club Q in Colorado Springs over the weekend.
But Carlson’s commentary rang hollow for many people online, who pointed out the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric he routinely peddles to the millions of viewers of his prime-time show.

Opening the program with a segment about the five people killed and 25 injured in the shooting, Carlson earnestly said such incidents never stop “being horrifying” no matter “how many times you’ve seen it.”

“Violence and cruelty should always horrify us every single time,” he continued. “When we start to become cynical about the deaths of other human beings, we have lost something essential to our humanity. Unfortunately, you’re seeing that.”

Yes, yes, Tucker your mouth is forming the correct words, but do you really expect us to believe them?

Twitter poster Kat Abu does not:

It already has, Kat.

Thanks for naming them Nicole, I will look into them.


Seems like.

The whole of right wing media here:





Go away, Tucker, no one wants to hear your hollow apologies.

Your hypocrisy is showing.

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  1. He might as well have just played a clip of Mr. Mackey from South Park saying “Umm…Violence is bad. m-kay?” (Seriously, I wonder how much whining he did before going on the air about the big boss telling him he had to make his statement. We all know he’d have MUCH rather been crude and said something like “remember the thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean being a good start? Not that I’m saying that’s the case here (wink, wink)… But you KNOW that’s what the asshole was thinking. Yes, he’s that big a piece of shit. A truly despicable excuse for a human being!)

  2. Are even his viewers so stupid as to not remember every fucking thing he’s spouted against the LGBT+ community? If they are, how on earth do they cross a street without getting hit?

    I fear that until the same tactics are applied against these evil religiosos and cons, we’ll continue to see these types, and others, of mass shootings.

  3. Tucker Carlson’s nose must have grown 3 feet with that commentary. But, of course he is safe! His Evilgelical and QAnon followers totally understand his boss made him say it and they KNOW that in his heart, he hates everyone but his White Supremacist Nazi followers, his Evilgelicals and his QAnon worshipers.

  4. And of course, these people form little cysts of likemindedness.

    In this case it transpires that the terrorist is part of a family with much the same beliefs,he is the grandson of Republican Assemblyman Randy Voepel, who represents parts of San Diego County and Riverside County in California’s 71st Assembly District, and is a prominent tea-partier.

    Voepel was a mayor of Santee, Calif., for two decades and lost his Assembly bid for reelection this year, perhaps this was part of the catalyst for the terrorism?

  5. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the shooter’s father is a porn actor who spews homophobia. Great family background, there.


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