Many thanks for everybody who stopped by yesterday to check out the article, I thought y’all would get a kick out of it. But even as I wrote it, there was something that was just tickling at the back of my brain, but I couldn’t pull it out. Don’t you hate when that happens? But when I awoke this morning, there it was, as clear as day. Don’t you love when that happens?

Anyhoo, several years ago, when Traitor tot was still in office, before my eyes went to shit, and his potential legal exposures were swirling around him, I spent a couple of hours researching the federal Statute of Limitations. Mainly so that I wouldn’t come across as a completely ignorant dipshit when I wrote the article. And in the federal statute was the secret sauce that bubbled up in my fevered brain overnight.

Here it is. In the federal statute of limitations, there’s a waiver clause for a little something called availability of a subject or target. Here’s how it works. Let’s just say I rob a bank and clean the place out. It doesn’t take long before you’re hot on my heels. Not wanting to go to the Crossbar Hilton, I cop the next flight to Bolivia. God knows I’ve got enough lucre to survive comfortably until the statute of limitations runs out.

Except no, that’s where the waiver kicks in. The simple logic is that I shouldn’t be able to avoid prosecution simply by fleeing the country and waiting for the statute clock to expire. The minute federal authorities confirm that I’ve left the country, the statute of limitation clock freezes. And it stays there. If I smuggle myself back to the U.S. 10 years later, and get pulled over for a traffic stop, the federal warrant pops up, and off to the Big House I go.

Here’s how it works in real life. See how well prepared I am? Several years ago, Turkish despot Erdogan showed up to give a speech. While they were there, several goons from Erdogan’s security squad kicked the shit out of a bunch of peaceful protesters gathered in a park across the street, and were caught on camera. Remember that? The local DA filed criminal assault charges on six or seven of Erdogan’s guards, but by that time they had all hightailed back to Istanbul. But 20 years from now, any of those thugs travel to the United States, and their passport dings, they’ll be wearing shiny new bracelets while they’re escorted downtown for booking and processing.

As near as I can tell, Manhattan D.A. Bragg is using a similar waiver in the New York State statute of limitations here. And the only thing that makes it possible is the simple fact that Trump is a legal imbecile! Look, all he had to do was to keep his big, fat New York mouth shut, and quietly take it on the lam to Mar-A-Lago. The state would have waited for him to reappear. But because The Cheeto Prophet is an egomaniac, he just had to go public with the fact that he was fleeing the jurisdiction, just to rub their noses in his criminal brilliance. Which gives James and Bragg documented legal reason to hit the stop button on the state’s statute of limitations.

But here’s the part that takes imbecile to a whole new level. Mar-A-Lago isn’t Islamabad. And here in the good old United States, we have a pesky legal procedure called Legal Orders of Extradition. James and/ Bragg can take as long as they like sewing Trump up tighter than a Scot’s drum. And when they indict him, they can fill out the requisite paperwork to force Florida officials to turn him over to New York authorities for extradition back to New York to face charges.

This kind of brain dead stupidity literally leaves me in awe. And so, for the second time in 2 days, For being such an imbecile that other imbeciles throw cabbages at you, Donald John Trump, Stand up and take an encore bow, FOOL!

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’m not really sure that Erdogan’s security guards would be going “back to Islamabad” since that city’s in Pakistan, not Turkiye.

    Maybe you meant “Istanbul?” Or “Izmir” or “Iskendurun?” Those are some cities that would be more likely destinations for Erdogan’s security guards.

  2. Do you actually believe DeSantis and his puppet AG would actually let him be extradited? That would piss off the MAGA base that DeSantis is courting for their vote.

    • As long as they are waiting anyway, they can wait unyil DeDantis is out of office. Yes, I realize he just pulled a stunt to enable him to run for President without vacating the governorship, but he must be term limited – otherwise Rick Scott would still be governor.


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