The prosecutor in the Alex Jones Sandyhook Damages trial revealed today that Alex Jones’ lawyers had sent him a copy of Jones’ phone with two years of his texts messages intact.

That got the attention of Jones, especially when the prosecutor said that Jones had lied under oath about having no texts about Sandyhook on his phone.

Do you know what perjury is?

As well as getting Jones’ full attention, the revelation that Jones’ texts were out of the cloud and raining down like monsoon season also got the attention of the January 6 Committee, who would like a drink of that sweet water…

As Jones was one of the main organizers and promoters of the Capitol Riot I am sure the committee will be very interested in those texts.

The prosecution seems certain that no evidentiary rules were broken, but Jones seemed to me a little too nonplussed by the issue.

Does he perhaps think that helping with the Jan. 6th investigation will help him to not be separated from all his money at his current trial?

Or perhaps the sending of the phone to prosecutors by his team was some sort of ploy by Jones so he can assert he has had inadequate legal representation?

What do Acyn’s followers think?


But your lawyers are, huh, Alex?



Well, I hope so, but I have seen too much fuckery at this point to be certain.

Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of too…

Good question here👇👇👇

More questions than answers at this point folks, but it will be fascinating to see it play out.

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  1. I understand Jones is not at all worried about having to pay $150 M to the plaintiffs since he is planning to have his company, which is the entity with all the $$$, declare bankruptcy. I hope there is a way to criminalize such an action but I’m afraid there probably isn’t. Seems like the plaintiffs might just have to go all Sandy Hook on his ignorant ass to actually get justice.

  2. If a lawyer knowingly colludes with a client to lie to the court, doesn’t the lawyer get disbarred? Well, this was one way for the lawyers to avoid that.


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