Did I ever mention that the Irish are very entertained by Kimberly Guilfoyle? As they are by so many Americans of Irish descent in politics in this insane age? Guilfoyle’s father was from Ireland, in fact, so she’s a bit closer to her Emerald Isle roots than most of us. Three of my grandparents were from Ireland and most of the Irish Americans I know trace their lineage farther back than that.

They will be belly laughing in Belfast when this tape hits the Isle.

Guilfoyle is shilling for Good Ranchers dot com, a company that mails steaks ala Trump steaks. It’s an Amurikkan company, she would have us know. It’s also a company so incompetently run and with such a level of product that the Better Business Bureau warns consumers about it.

Take a look at the steaks on that grill. They’re clearly junk. They’re thin, for one thing. I am but a humble blogger but I have a killer New York strip in the fridge right now, three inches thick mind you, beautiful marbling. You couldn’t pay me to eat this dreck and not with that dummy cooking it.

Plus, I have to say, that grill looks filthy to me and it’s smoking way too much. And what is this, some outdoor kitchen? The portico to Hell and Guilfoyle threw one on the barbie for Satan? All of the above?

Let’s read some of the reviews that caused the BBB to abandon ship.

A quarter of an inch thick. And I would LOVE to know what this gentleman paid for it.

So, what do we have here so far: 1) Bad quality; 2) Horrible service; 3) Bad advice from Customer Service — when they can be reached at all; 4) Wildly overpriced. No wonder Guilfoyle is endorsing the product, it checks all the Trump boxes. Scam, scam, and scam.

The family that preys together stays together. The Trump crime family, grifting you can depend on.

And think about where Guilfoyle might be. If she had stayed married to Gavin Newsom she could be the First Lady of California right now. But instead she’s in Florida, shacked up with a junkie and shilling the worst of internet products. Incredible.

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  1. I’d rather buy from Omaha Steaks. At least they aren’t fly-by-night. (But I’d go to a local market for steaks first. If I were buying steaks.)

    • Also that grill looks like it’s indoors, with all those drawers, counter top (suspiciously empty) and a hi-rise faucet. Needs a good fan hood above it, also.

      • I have known many professional cooks and caterers because gourmet cooking is my hobby. I even did a bit of catering myself back in the day. I have to say this set up is new to me. HOW do you deal with that level of smoke? it’s got to stain the walls. That level of grease gets on light fixtures, you name it. If that is outside on a porch, then that makes some kind of sense to me. But you’ll telling me that is inside a house?

        • Definitely looks like the inside of a house to me. Then again, it could be a sound stage set (like many of the pro cooking shows). If it’s a stage, then there’s really no issues with smoke, grease or anything else.

  2. The Trump family is ripping off their supporters again? So what? Let’s face it, most of the people buying this garbage are Trump supporters trying to ‘support the cause’ because nobody else would touch this with a ten-foot pole. And Trump supporters get what they deserve. They wanted a con man, they got it. May they all literally choke on it.


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