Somewhere in Hell there is a giant countdown clock rolling and demons are laughing and pointing at it. “Soon,” they chortle, “soon, the big orange one will be amongst us and oh what a feast it will be!” And Donald Trump can sense it. Have you noticed how he sweats copiously these days when he’s up at the podium? He’s got a lot to make him sweat. Trump had a $454 million judgment assessed last week. He needs to pay the judgment — which is increasing at the incredible rate of $114,000 per day — or he needs to successfully appeal said judgment. Monday morning Trump filed a notice of his intention to appeal but he doesn’t have an actual appellate lawyer yet and there is no formal motion.  In other words it’s all smoke, mirrors and desperation, according to Mary Trump.

For now, it appears Donald has two options:

  1. Donald can pay the entire amount of the judgment to New York State himself; the money will then be placed in escrow.
  2. Donald can get a bond.

Getting a bond won’t necessarily be easy, as the company providing the bond will be on the hook for the amount of the judgment, if Donald loses his appeal and fails to pay.

It is likely, therefore, that he will have to pledge some form of collateral. Also, it will cost him both upfront — NY courts require as much as 120% of the judgment if it’s paid with a bond — and on the backend, as bond companies charge between one and three percent interest.

That is a lot of money. And so what are his options, besides selling off buildings? He may be forced to sell Trump Tower, Bedminster, Mar-a-Lago — which he ironically claims is worth billions. If that’s the case, better sell it right now and get out from under this crippling interest. Anybody with common sense would do that. Unfortunately, Mar-a-Lago is only worth $1.6 billion in Trump’s fantasy. So what other avenues does that leave him?

We already know, even if we don’t know precisely why, the extent to which he remains more loyal to Vladimir Putin than he does to America. Saudi Arabia, especially given Jared Kushner’s connections to MBS, is a close second. We know that China funneled over $5.5 million through three of his properties during his administration.

What if a Chinese national foots the bill? How does that bode for the already horrifying foreign policy implications of a second Trump administration?

So, where the money comes from is even more important than whether or not he can raise it — it’s a matter of our national security.

There is one other possibility: Donald’s social media company is close to a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. (a publicly traded shell company) which could be worth as much as $4 billion dollars to him, as he would receive the vast majority of shares, as many as 79 million of them.

This is strictly on paper. Truth Social brought in $3 million last year. There is no way that company is suddenly worth $4 billon. So if that’s his best option, then he is out of options. More smoke and mirrors. Maybe Trump’s only options are Mohammad bin Salman or Putin. Who knows? The only thing that is definitely known is that something needs to happen fast. Trump cannot keep going with that kind of interest taking place. Every nine days he owes another million dollars. Nobody has got that kind of money.

Except Satan and he already owns Trump’s soul so there’s no deal there. We don’t know what you’re going to do Donald, we only know that whatever it is, it’s got to be fast.

It seems logical at this point that Trump would be dying to have Lara get her hands on the RNC coffers and bail him out. But as you may have read here and elsewhere, there are people in the RNC who are putting together resolutions barring Trump from getting money to pay his legal bills. If those resolutions would pass, then the RNC might live to fight another day, but Trump is screwed. He needs a lot of money and stat.

Right now the RNC is still his best bet. They meet March 7 and 8th. That could be a decisive time for Trump. If he’s blocked from having his legal bills paid, or if Michael Whatley and Lara Trump are not elected to run the RNC, but somebody else is, that would be a significant sea change.

And it could happen. Trump is not sweeping the Republican party. He’s polling at about 60% of Republican approval whereas Joe Biden is polling at 92% of Democratic approval. Trump is running a splintered campaign.

This race is only getting started and anything can happen. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Anything can happen.


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    • I love watching that counter! It’s mesmerizing and the numbers go up so quickly. It ticks off $1.33 every second. Amazing how that adds up.

    • I dreamed last night that E Jean’s lawyer seized Trump’s 757 jet while he was in Michigan. When he tried to rent a jet to get home to Florida, no one would rent to him. Humiliated, he left Michigan and rode all the way to Florida in the backseat of a Secret Service vehicle, and the media tracked his trip by helicopter like they did with OJ.

      Then I woke up and realized I have to wait 10 more days for my dream to come true.

  1. The RNC has nowhere close to the money that he needs. Their donations are way down & he’s bilked his followers out of just about everything. Maybe Putin’s other friend, Elmo Musk can help him out.


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