“But you can’t make people listen. They have to come around in their own time wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can’t last.” — Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

Living a lie is the way of folly for any human life and for a substantial portion of the nation to be living in the same collective lie is the way of madness. This cannot continue and yet it will because it’s an effective method of fundraising, plain and simple. Wendy Rogers got over $2.5 million in small donations from out of state, which is unheard of for somebody running for a state senate seat. But it makes perfect sense because she is the face of the Arizona Audit, a farce which no matter how many times it is debunked, still continues to live and breathe hope into the stolen election delusion.

Today is January 20, the one year anniversary of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking their oaths of office. Donald Trump did not attend as you recall. Instead, he did his last photo op with a black-clad Melania and his children in funereal mode. As always, the emphasis was on Trump, not on the office of the presidency, not on the transfer of power, not on our traditions as a people. Only on him.

Call me a shameless cynic but the Trump children aren’t sobbing oh Dad, poor Dad, they’re sobbing for their own loss of the spotlight and the power. And the money. This show bombed, boo hoo, when will we ever get another one on stage?

Here is what’s going on in the rest of Wingnuttia.

And then there is this loon egging them on.

That’s their refrain, “take back America.” The deplorables are all about grievance. That’s what Trump knew and what he tapped into, the collective rage and resentment in this country. Then along comes the Big Lie and its main proselytizers Mike Lindell and Steve Bannon and they keep the fires of faux outrage stoked. And the contributions coming.

When will the dupes wake up to the fact that they have been duped? Or is this it, the new abnormal, where a large percentage of people don’t even agree upon who the sitting commander in chief is? In mental institutions, one of the questions they ask to determine if the person is lucid and grounded in the real world is, “Who is the president of the United States?” Is the answer now to be “two schools of thought on that?” Or, “that’s a matter of opinion?” Is life in these United States that nuts?

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  1. I ran psychiatric assessments & admissions at two hospitals, one a private university & the other a free standing large facility. There aren’t enough beds for these folks & most psychiatrists deal with fixable problems via medication. They despise personality disorders & conduct disorders. They are not trained to deprogram cult members. I spend a good deal of time daily reciting the serenity prayer.

    • That’s got to be a rough field to be in, any facet of the mental health community. I’ve only known psychologists who deal with clients and the clients are garden variety neurotics, not the hard core personality disorder types you’re talking about.

  2. Oh boy. I can’t wait for Lindell to tell his followers and callers-in to exert their “Second Amendment rights” against the government. That way his ass and all of theirs (when they’re IDd) can be rounded up and put in jail for TREASON. Not even the nuts on the Supreme Court (those “original intent” idiots who decided the Founders didn’t really intend the “well-regulated militia” part to be taken literally, or at all) would be willing to let the Amendment cover the idea of “taking arms against the government” as that would essentially mean anarchy.

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