I have often written, as have many others far more knowledgeable than I of the desiccation of Trump’s uber loyal congressional base. But there is something much darker going on, and the Democrats and the media need to shine a blinding spotlight on it.

The first shining example was of course, 1/6. Trump didn’t lose control of his howler monkeys, he purposefully turned the bucketheads and bedsheet banditos loose on the US Capitol, he sat back in the Oval Office private dining room and gleefully watched the carnage. While people died.

But it is getting progressively worse, and there is no evidence that Trump personally has anything to do with it other than incitement. Georgia Fulton County election volunteer Ruby Freeman and her daughter were harassed and driven from their home by an angry mob of Trump supporters when he started broadcasting her name. A former publicist for Trump ally Kanye West tried to coerce her into admitting guilt in an Atlanta police station, caught on body cam from an officer.

But now its accelerating. Lawrence O’Donnell had on an Iowa state Democratic Senator tonight who recently took part in a video town hall style meeting of the state Black caucus. She was speaking when someone came on the line, and started talking shit. And immediately afterward, an image of a monkey was displayed on the screen, and the caller started making racist comments. The Senator kept speaking while the organizers got the offensive material off of the screen.

Going into 2022, this is going to be a potential nightmare for the GOP. With the ascendence of BLM, and the stirrings of possible racial equality in recent court cases involving white officers and unarmed black men, there is momentum. Trump turned his howler monkeys loose, and now he can’t control them.

His statements after Charlottesville showed his clear support for his far right racist allies. And when he told the Proud Boys to Stand Back And Stand By in a 2020 debate, he sealed the deal. The Proud boys even incorporated his words into their flag.

With Trump out of office, no longer on national media, and under a social media blackout, his far right loonies are left to their own devices to decide what he wants. And of course, that means what the bucketheads want themselves. And that means going full blown racist against anyone who opposes them. It’s what they know, and it’s all they do.

This is what the Democrats and the national media need to focus on. The GOP has tied themselves to the far right terrorists, and they need to be held responsible. The recent court convictions of white officers for killing unarmed black men, as well as the civil settlements against far right groups show that the majority of the country has moved beyond systemic racism. It’s time to tie the GOP to their true core supporters.


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