This won’t be as earthshattering as “Garbo Speaks” a phrase that went on billboards nationwide to herald the grand new era of talking pictures. No, Trump speaks is the same banality as always, it just doesn’t impact our lives like it did for the four years that we were cursed with his presence. But check this out, because it reads like something out of Silver Screen. (Say, there’s an idea: a magazine devoted simply to following Trump, “Mango Monitor” “Cantaloupe Curtain” something like that.) See if you can get the QAnon clue in this. This is pure Norma Desmond. Washington Examiner:

“We’ll do something, but not just yet,” he told the Washington Examiner as he sat at his regular table in the Grill Room of the Trump International Golf Club. An aide to the former chief executive then swooped in and swiftly, but politely, ended the interaction. […]

He sat at his favorite table, his back to a window looking on to the rolling fairways and gurgling waterfalls of the course, and was dressed in a white golf shirt and his familiar red cap.

Outside on the terrace, guests were served bowls of crab bisque and pink slices of flank steak from a buffet staffed by white-gloved waiters protected by plastic screens. […]

“He needs a break,” said an aide earlier this week. “I think we all hope he just plays golf for a month, but he always has to be on the go.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Trump is tired!!! It was all those years of coming downstairs at 11:30 a.m., tweeting for half an hour and then having lunch with Pence or Pompeo. That, and eight hours a day of Fox News, will take it out of a guy. He needs some quality time with Trumpy Bear and a lot of naps.

But it does look like the sequel is being cobbled together. Former Florida state lawmaker and financier Carl Domino, a member at Mar-a-Lago, said “he believed Trump’s difficult final weeks in office (disputing election results, the assault on the Capitol, and his social media ban) would be reassessed in the months ahead.” Reassessed means spun. Good luck with that. I want to see insurrection and rioting spun as a good thing. Or, Nancy Pelosi’s fault. That one’s already on the table.

Make no mistake, the cult won’t give up. They’ll bring back their Dreamsickle Deity or they’ll put somebody else up on the altar. But the cult, ginned up by right-wing media, is here to stay.

So where does this leave us?  Post presidency, Jimmy Carter went to work with Habitat for Humanity, Bill Clinton started a foundation, George W. Bush painted a picture of his dog and Donald Trump plans a sequel as soon as he figures out how to blame somebody else. I guess that’s his epitaph.

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    • No, because while Trump is gone, Trumpism isn’t. It’s a clear and present danger to democracy. We need to keep an eye on all of it, at least I feel we do.

      • Thank you, Ursula; I agree with you completely. Aside from the obvious schadenfreude of knowing this orange menace is hurting, we need to keep our eyes on the ball!

      • That’s very clear. The things that made Donald Trump are still there. You have Josh Hawley already chomping at the bit. And he’s smart enough to take the reins and do something that Trump couldn’t. And it seems the democrats are content to let him. There heal with unity will be like handing him the keys.

      • Youre an idiot, go get another glass of kool-aid, looks like your buddy BIDEN IS GOING TO be the 2ND WORST PRES.EVER
        ACTUALLY SAYING IN FFONT OF CSMERAS AS HIS BOSSES kept giving him policies to undo Biden says outloud “i don’t know what I’m signing, all PuKelosi,HatefulHarris look on in giddy pleasures!


      • Agreed. The GOP-Nazi Party and Fake 45 Putin puppet are still taking orders and $$$ from Putin to do his bidding to weaken and destroy the US. Vlad and his co-conspirators are still plotting to overthrow the US and are in process of organizing people to form a shadow govt. Agolf Twitler wants to be free of all this, and go back to being the laziest man in the US, but can’t because of the FSB agents and his millions in loans owed using laundered Russian Mob $$$ to back them up and because once you’re a member of the Russian Mob, there’s no “out” except by death. So yes, Don the Con and the rest of the GOP-Nazis continue to be a severe threat to democracy and need to monitored. Best offense is to keep them all on the defense. That shall be little problem with BOTUS, who now has lost ALL his executive immunity to prosecution. Expect there to be well over 200 NEW civil and criminal lawsuits filed against the former Traitor-In-Chief and his family, businesses, and co-conspirators. Many of the Complaints are already written and ready to be filed. The Trump Crime Family has violated nearly all 10 Commandments & nearly every type of law, statute, rule, and code imaginable. The Complaints will be coming from cities, states, private citizens and the DOJ who have been illegally fleeced as well as women Bloatus The Coward raped. Many of the Prosecutors’ and Plaintiffs’ attorneys are holding off until after the Senate trial, as depending upon the charges affirmed there, there could be more violation counts, new charges and more co-conspirators to charge especially based upon the distinct probability that such Senate charges will automatically reverse most if not all of the Trumpelthinskin’s 300+ Dec. & Jan pardons. Tish James’ attorney Roberta Kaplan will be a name you’ll become familiar with in the weeks and months ahead.

      • Dead to.rights! The cult remains. If only .00001% of his 73 million followers go rogue,that is 730 crazed lone wolves capable of going nuts and committing crimes at which could easily include murder, judging by the ones carrying zip.ties, cuffs, guns and other weapons into the Capitol, screeching about death. Remember Timot by McVeigh? Took.just to.kill a lot of people including infants. It could easily happen again.
        730 is around 15 per state. They can raise a lot of hell.singly, but if they form.cells and cooperate 9/11 nothing.

    • You picked the wrong site, and absolutely the wrong handle. Murfster and I are flamingly Irish and you’re Trumpite trash. The next sound you hear will be the whoosh of the bear claw, which is how we ban people around here. Bye.

    • Purely vcious remarks. Apparently you didn’t pay attention to your President call for unity.
      Give it up, go back to your life. Leave Me. Trump alone. We are losing Democracy, wait an see. God bless us all.

    • Actually I’m REAL Irish (not Irish American) and, trust me, NOBODY in Ireland likes the Trompador (well apart from perhaps Snarlene Foster and her DUPes)

      • And why would you guys, right? Trump’s the same kind of bully as Charles Cunningham Boycott who used to punish his Irish tenants around until they drove him off.

      • My wife and I have good friends that live in Black Rock … THEY could not believe the shitgibbon was in the White House 4 years ago … more elegant words of course were issued along with that comment.

        • You know who is trash? Donald Trump.and every dumb thunderc***s who voted for him.
          I am.proud to be Irish American. Third generation born here. My great-grandparents immigrated around 1900,raised nine daughters,,worked hard and would have never have voted for a crook like Trump. My grandfather owned 3 restaurants,was loved by all.who.knew him.and my grandmother was a better woman than Plastic Ivanka could ever dream.of being. I was the first to.graduate, Phi Beta Kappa key, College Scholar, Dean’s,List 8 semesters, graduated magnacum.laude. Turned down free rides from two Ivies,accepted a free ride from.a different school. School.and public libtarian, taught college English, published author.
          Married a career sailor who.served 23 years defending your first amendment rights to call.his wife trash.

          Crawl back under your rock. You I educated woman. The Irish helped build railroads and canals, worked in factories, worked hard and got ahead.The next generation went,as my dad dud( he went nights 4x a week, had one class left but am ulcer sidelined him)

          You care racist trash for saying this.

    • Never, honey. I hate Donald Trump with a fury that if you could harness it, you wouldn’t need solar energy on this planet. If you don’t like my work, take off now, because it will never change. This is who I am. I have studied this phenomenon since its inception and I have all the facts. And I am far from alone. You are the one that is sadly delusional and will probably never wake up.

    • 400,000 covid deaths from his herd immunity. Kidnapped & caged children still waiting to be reunited with their parents. Two impeachments in a one-term loser president. Billions of taxpayer money wasted on a useless wall that Mexico did not pay for. Are you tired of winning yet?

      • We must NOT forget that as soon as he saw the anti-pandemic systems set up already at the CDC, he threw out the whole system, labs and fired all the techs …

        Then when the Trump virus started up, he sat on his hands, did NOTHING but say moronic things like, “like magic, it will go away”, and “can we just inject bleach and cure this virus?”

        • Did nothing? Did you fact check that? He said we would have a vaccine by the end of the year and everyone laughed (including you?) They said he was dreaming, couldn’t be done. Hmm, I believe he did it. Have you had your ‘Trump’ vaccine yet. Please don’t wait.

          • His high speed development and massive shipping plan handled directly by someone other than Trump was a good idea as far as it went … however, Trump and his, “team”, was not smart enough to know there needed to be the whole plan … so as the shipments were mostly completed, there was NOT a plan to get the vaccine into the arms of the Citizens … now the recovery teams, set up by Biden will try their best to get the shots to the largest group of seniors next month, meaning thousands more will die because of Trump once again … your half baked narcissist NEVER cared about you or anyone else … so sad to see your 75 million and our 85 million, creams yours, so President Biden in in charge … Trump has been the biggest loser EVER …

          • Omg you anti Trumpers are MSM brainwashed and filled with hate as a result, meanwhile that mentally ill leader now is out to screw all of us. Yes you liberals as well. Blind and plain stupid but you will feel the pain too.

          • Might you be misreading it, Wanda, as the minus sign is very small? – so voting UP a post which says -4 will correctly go to -3.
            But on the other hand, I’m wondering how several pro-Trump posts here are getting positive ratings ?

    • You got that right Democrats will never respect President Trump cause he was the people’s president,,and he opened our eyes to all the fake news and corruption that is in the swamp. So you Democrats may think it’s over cause President Trump is out of office but guess what. We the people are still here and we are eighty million strong and we’re not going anywhere. And remember Democrats you work for us ,and you can and will be voted out of office …

    • I’ve heard of communism, which was well documented in the book of Acts, where the believers pooled their resources & divided up according to need. Guess u can blame Jesus for that one. Never heard of “comunism”. Is that where u join a cult, follow a demented toddler & chronic liar, then believe his bullshit about going with you to violently overthrow a fair election, whereas he goes into a limo & you go to federal prison? Is that it?

  1. Quit calling those that believe in AMERICA a cult. President Trump did more good for the USA than any other modern day president. He put AMERICA first..stopped giving away all our money to foreign countries.
    Now Biden/Harris/ and Pelosi and the Gang are giving American away to the foreign countries.

  2. this shit is great… you hit it on the head with grump the trump…If he could only conjure up a personality that befits him.. I leave that up to your imagination… Won,t take much to figure this one out. ( what is 0+0)= Trump

    • I think Trump needs to get his Oreos and his Diet Coke and Trumpy Bear and go sit in the corner and sulk for a while. That’s his maturity level.

  3. Leave President Trump alone he’s a private citizen now.stop running him down poor man can get no rest.and he was a great President and always will be.lovenyou Mr.President.????

  4. Your awful mind full of evil thoughts. Living and working with you must be sickening. I didn’t subscribe to this politizoom, so please delete, erase me immediately.

  5. Donald J Trump will always be the best president the United States has ever had. Bejeing Biden has already destroyed our country and he isn’t in office for ibw week yet. We miss and love you President Donald J Trump ❤️


  7. So many people bashing Trump for the Corona virus deaths, blaming Him…interesting that the day Biden takes office was the record for deaths in a day. 4131 deaths.

  8. No way! You weren’t paying attention at all!!! By all legit
    reports, President Trump was the most energetic POTUS we’ve had and the most persecuted ever! I do care and probably always will because I choose to care
    and I love my country.

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The guy who claims that we only have a certain amount of energy in a lifetime, and did his best to not use any of it off the golf course?

  9. I think you’re remarks are disgusting. President Trump did a lot of good for this country and now it’s being torn apart. Bunch of inadequate gossipers that’s all you guys are.

  10. We did, we just threw out the trash, it took a crew of 90 people to clean the Trump stuff out of the White House before it was clean enough for the Biden family …

  11. Surprising how the left Badgers people but see no fault of their own. as they say what goes around will come around. let’s pray God has control of this one. then again who knows.

  12. Leave Trump alone its Bidens turn for the media to harass! But im sure you won’t because your tied right in with the democratic mess!

  13. Trump did more for this country than any president if you reporters did your job honestly this world would be a better place so my advice to you sorry basterds watch your back and hope I never see you in public you POS

    • Right in front of you fool, you still misspelled her name so incredible how bright you are … woo wee, I suppose you never bounced a check either? …

  14. You people are just Evil, rotten evil souls, Leave Trump alone for Gods sake, he’s had more harassment from the murdering Democrats who hate him because he calls them out & isn’t afraid of them. The mans done so much for our country, WHY IS BEYOND ME as UGLY as u all are to him!

      • Ursula, I had a friend ask me to name one good thing tRump had done, and said I couldn’t because I hadn’t bothered to look it up. One good thing? He increased civic participation, more people voted than ever before..they voted him out! lol!

  15. Truth ALWAYS come out. It may be soon or perhaps not until the resurrection of the dead on judgement day. You probably don’t believe that will ever happen. I am praying for yor eternal souls.
    If I ‘m wrong, we’ll all just be dead. If I ‘m right, you all will be in serious pain…for eternity. That’s a lot longer than any president’s term(s).
    May God bless everyone and have mercy on us all.

    • Agree. The truth does always come out. You know. Like the tapes from bob woodward showing rump knew everything in february & continue LYING WHILE 400,000 PEOPLE DIED MORON.

  16. To the writer: don’t make a habit of trash talk, it won’t bode well for you. For as much apparent disdain as you have for President Trump, he is loved by others and most importantly by the same creator you both have in common. Do better.

  17. President Biden may have called a moratorium on housing evictions but he seems to have overlooked calling one for bridges. There do seem to be an increasing number of homeless trolls recently

      • You know it’s interesting you should mention the FBI. Somebody with an extension subscribed to this newsletter last year. They may be watching for the crazies, who knows?

        • Oh, count on it, Ursula. These people are still laboring under the late 1990s delusion that their Internet access is untraceable. As I said to one of our unwelcome guests, these people probably never even heard of a VPN, never mind have the Elite skills or tools to stay off the FBI’s radar. If you’re online, assume you’re being traced by someone.

  18. Ursula Faw, another keyboard gangster, but the biggest loser cunt in real life.

    Watching losers like you, and your small following, get upset by Trump is awesome. You’re a joke, and your blog is a joke.

    “If you’re mean to me, I ban you”

    Ah…..if you worked half as hard as Trump, and had some success that didn’t involve whining to get somewhere, you, and your tens of fans, would likely be far less angry.

    Enjoy being an angry chick forever.

    • Thank you for sharing, Andy. We are all crushed now by your views. I will lead a mass suicide tomorrow as Zoomers jump off of cliffs and out windows. “Argghhh!! Andy the troll doesn’t like us!! We’re crushed!! We can’t go on!!” BTW, you’re banned. Bye.

  19. He stands a fair chance of being convicted in the Senate. That would lead to a vote to ban him from running for office, plus losing his pension, staff, budget and Secret Service protection. And that would be just the beginning of his annus horribilus. He’s looking at many civil and potentially criminal legal actions and his businesses are losing money. Then there are the banks that won’t touch him any more and his brands that are so tarnished as to be worthless. That all adds up to another trip to bankruptcy court, quite possibly followed by a trip to the House of Many Doors.

    There must be an Irish curse that applies here, yes Ursula?

    • Put it on the ground in front of one of your front tires, drive forward until you can see it in your rear view mirror … works every time …

  20. I think it’s going to be tough on him; he really has no life out of the spotlight and no real interests. Actually Bush has a cat who keeps him company while he paints. Trump has nothing.

  21. I have absolutely nothing to say that you want to hear. You liberal elitist dipshits don’t have a thing to say that I want to hear. Your snide nastiness makes you sound like a teenager throwing a temper tantrum. If I want to hear news, which right now is not on my agenda, I will find independent sources that aren’t so completely fucked up. Enjoy your next 4 years. I wont enjoy seeing Biden crash and burn, as I dont want to see the God awful mess he makes. But I will survive, and thrive, in spite of your negativity and nastiness.

  22. “He needs a break,” said an aide earlier this week. “I think we all hope he just plays golf for a month, but he always has to be on the go.”

    More golf? Won’t that overlap with his regular golf sessions? If he plays more golf now than he did as a president, he must be golfing in his sleep, or in between power naps?

  23. I see the triolls are out in force – they must have been evicted from under their bridges (or they can’t find the new parler website (or too stupid to google for parler dot com)

  24. I think you’ll find that HE started with the falsehoods from day one, beginning with the size of the crowd at the inauguration and he just kept on going 30,500 over four years is just over two lies per day

  25. Lol….whatever he has to say is meaningless! TRUMP! Just go away forever! You are despised by most of this country! Wait until the really good stuff starts coming out! Can’t wait!!!!

  26. The man did a lot to bring back America. Now, with a swipe of a pen, Biden has thrown us into CCP hands. What will we say of him in 4 years.

  27. I wonder how he will hold his golf clubs with that tweet thumbs for injury. Oh how we persevere. Oh yeah, his thumbs probably coming along nicely since he was kicked off Twitter. Yes, he joins the rest of us. No job, broke, and suffering from the rigors of regular life waiting for his court date. Maybe therapy will help.

  28. LMAO You don’t even know where you are, do you? If that’s what you think of Politico, then go THERE and tell THEM that. Whatta bunch of numbnuts! You are not at Politico.

  29. Personally? I do not care what trumpsky has to say any longer! He sold us on a great path in the beginning, I am still waiting for his better than Obama care plan to drop? He said in 2 days it would over a thousand days ago! As with so much of what he told us they were empty words a polite way of calling it out for what it is a lie! No one can honestly say trumpsky was not anything more than a con artist and if they do? They are still buying into his BS! And if anyone believes the election was “STOLEN” without doubt they are still drinking the fool aid! We all make mistakes and I did when I voted for him in 16. I rapidly regretted that changed my status from GOP to Dem and have slept much better every night since! I do NOT want to be associated with a party that is built on deceit and lies and most of all white supremacy! The GOP has fractured and I don’t know if it will ever find its path back? Give Biden the chance he deserves to see people condemn him when he is not even in it for 1 week only proves trumpsky has poisoned many minds!

  30. Ursula, looks like the Russky Bots have found your/our site. Such rampant incoherent stupidity from them; you’d think they’d learn that no one cares what they say nor believes they’re actual humans.

  31. OMG, it would almost be worth it to have parler back just so all these nutjob cockroaches would go someplace else. What a tedious bunch of morans!

  32. @urslafaw your a BIASED writer, like all media giving your unwanted OPINION on PRESIDENT TRUMP, Liberals have kool-aid everyday from cnn,msnbc,Pelosi Said MEDIA will do anything we tell them, they’re on our side! So sthu ,keep your IGNORANT opinion to yourself, you know they old saying, If you can say/write anything NICE ….

  33. It’s not a cult but ugly White Supremacy led now by Trump as an umbrella for cults. QAnon, Proud Boys,Bugaloos, KKK, Oathers, J20’s and hundreds of others. The Umbrella is White Supremacy and it’s deep in our history and rearing it’s ugly head. He is their leader and God to some. It’s big. We have to be vigilant, change laws and destroy them before they destroy our Democratic Republic.

  34. Wow, I have never read a bigger piece of garbage. Ptesident Trump has been maligned and abused by the garbage main stream media for four years. Yet, he still managed to achieve more for the American people than all the democrats over the the last fifty years. It doesn’t matter how a person looks. What matters is how he leads. And conservatives are not the one sucked in by a cult. Its tge liberals who just believe every piece of crap the msm is spreading without ever questioning anything.

    • It will be gone by Friday
      It is a democratic hoax
      It will go away when it gets warm.
      It is no more serious than the flu.
      It is …
      433,000 dead Americans can’t disagree, but their loss while not totally unavoidable could have been minimized.
      That is the truth, folks, all propaganda aside.
      Defend your cult leader if you must, but remember his lies cost lives, jobs and nearly our freedom.

  35. To all Those who love Trump . First and foremost, he’s an egomaniacal narcissist . That means he , and disagree with him on anything trivial will lie say and do anything as long as it says it works in his favor . That means any Republican who disagrees with him ; ( It’s off with your heads ) . . Anyway you look at it who would win in a hole like that as president . Maybe you’re a racist , Maybe You’re one of the 1% , Or maybe you’re just a bunch of morons just like the president


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