Donald Trump peacocked how his book outsold Chris Christie’s recent release, which is a bit like a used car salesman crowing how his dealership just outsold the 1958 Ford Edsel. It’s easy to be a smashing success if the standard you compare yourself to is ludicrously low. But, this is Trump world, and the latest from there is that Trumpty Dumpty released his first post-presidency book, which is an overpriced coffee table book, filled with pictures which the White House photographers took and the yous and mes paid for — and Trump is selling for $230.

And dependably, it gets worse. The book, Our Journey Together, was published by Don, Jr., who has a company called Winning Team Publishing. Junior said, “We’re doing it ourselves, taking on a big old industry. It’s been pretty awesome.” And tonight was a book signing in Florida, I believe. I’m having problems fact checking the location, which is a sure sign an event is obscure.

For those of you at home and miserable that you couldn’t attend, here’s what you’re missing.

Junior touted the fact that Daddy wrote “almost all” of the captions himself. Here’s a sample.

This is history, my friends. This will show up somewhere in the future in a collection of books written by U.S. presidents. Quick, write a note now to your children’s, children’s children and let them know that this is not your doing, you did everything you could to keep the White House from being defiled by this being’s presence, and that from the grave you are humiliated that now they know what was in the White House during your lifetime.

Yes, indeed. And Trump’s coffee table book is going to become more famous than the Guttenberg Bible, just you watch. Not only that, check the bedside drawer next time you’re in a motel, a copy of Trump’s book will be there, instead of that King James thingy.

Now there are other wonderful holiday events that the Trumps are attending and other marvelous Trump gifts as well. We showed you the wrapping paper and ornaments last month. Heeeeeer are the toys, just waiting for you to enshroud and adorn them. Then what’s under the Christmas tree can be All Things Trump.

Man, there are UFOs and then there are Trump FOs. Maybe I’ll buy one and stand in Murfster’s front yard and fly it outside his window. At least until Teri throws a bucket of water at me.

Meanwhile, this is not where the real Trump action is. No, Sir. It is down in Texas. Look at what you’re missing.

Jesus, there’s a face out of a nightmare. He even looks like Dracula.

Probably you can get Eric to autograph the portrait, while Daddy autographs the book, while Junior rips the propellers off of the Trump drone and shovels more coke up his nose with it. Won’t that be grand?

Merry Christmas, GOP. You may have been the Grand Old Party at one point, or at least you told yourself that. Now, you are the party of Grifters, Opportunists and Perverts. Here is your standard bearer and his spawn to illustrate that premise. They do so more eloquently than any ten thousand words that we could write.

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    • Supposedly they’ve sold 100,000 copies. Now the Trump Organization may have bought most of them. They, and I believe the RNC, bought boxes of Junior’s book, back in the day. That was to spur it to a New York Times Bestseller spot. If you’re dealing with Trump, you’re dealing with an angle, always.

      • I’m willing to bet that at least 90% of the sales of ANY book “written” by a right-wing author and published by a right-wing publishing house (like Regnery) are bulk sales to other right-wing groups to be used as the “gift” when you donate a minimum amount while *maybe* 10% actually get sold in specialty bookstores and department stores with book displays and on-line book retailers. Unfortunately, the “best-sellers” lists tend to ignore HOW books are sold and just count the raw numbers.

      • Why is it this sales behavior cannot be tracked and noted in any book sales polls? I mean, I’m sure it can be but why isn’t it? This stupidity makes any book polls worthless. I myself do not purchase books using the NYT’s best seller list but others do I’m sure.

  1. So, the White House photographer took the photos and these two-bit grifters are personally profiting from OUR tax dollars’ photography? Who needs to start the class action suit to attach the profits?


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