You know, I’m getting just a little sick and fed up with all of this Q-Anon pity bullshit. There’s a narrative out there in the media that keeps portraying Q-Anon members as ignorant and undereducated stooges. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the pre-Covid days, Q-Anon was a third rate conspiracy site populated by the kind of indigent, mentally defective fools that the media loves to portray, but they were just a fringe group.

And then came the Covid national lockdown, and millions of honest, educated, morally sound Americans either found themselves working from home, or collecting unemployment and supplemental federal benefits. And either way, with nowhere to go, and nothing to do, they had oodles of extra time on their hands.

And so they went trolling on the net. Believe me, I’ve been there. I was laid off from United Airlines in the aftermath of 9/11. There is nothing more frustrating and aggravating than to suddenly find yourself unemployed due to circumstances beyond your own personal control. Some time for self pity is only natural, along with some time for righteous anger, but once that’s done, it’s time to get out there and find a job.

But what if you can’t find another job, because everything is locked down? And at some point, a minority of Americans stopped accepting the situation for what it was, taking their benefits and waiting for the crisis to pass so they could get back to work, and because they’re such special snowflakes, they had to find somebody to blame.

Enter Q-Anon. This disgusting cornucopia of delusion was ready to provide a whole Golden Corral buffet of bullshit conspiracy theories to satisfy their every kink. This led to Covid denial, which made government attempts to arrest the cirrus more difficult, anti vaccine idiots who thought that the vaccine would sterilize you or put implant chips in your blood, to deep state conspiracies to wipe out white people, so the Democrats could take over with blacks and Hispanics.

Let me make this as clear as I can. You know what Q-Anon is? It’s the fucking KKK! It’s the fuckiong American Nazi Party! It’s the kissing cousin of The Oath Keepers, and every other radical far right group that plays on the weak of mind.

But here’s the scary part. The vast majority of Q-Anon supporters and acolytes are not weak of mind! They are well educated, mainstream Americans who have made a personal choice to abdicate themselves from the real world, and instead find mythical demons to blame for their own personal problems.

Which makes them incredibly dangerous. Because it means that they will fall right in line with every third rate charlatan like Traitor Tot to move against all of the others that have made their lives a misery. And now, they’re showing up at Trump rallies with miserably disguised imitations of the Nazi salute, and Trump playing the Q-Anon theme song, Where one of us go, all of us go, which to me sounds suspiciously like Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles!

You can’t blame Trump exclusively for this, he’s just the Pied Piper who has shown up to lead the masses. Once again, a segment of the American population has decided to abrogate their personal responsibilities, and blame the others instead. The problem this time is that some of these fuckers are armed with AR-15’s. I hate to say it, but this isn’t going to end without bloodshed, as January 6th proved.


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  1. Still being too kind, Murf, because those people ARE weaklings. All it took was the first real shock of their lives to give in to their worst instincts on people that didn’t look like them. Yet somehow I managed to get through two years of being in my townhouse, scared shitless that I was going to slip into COVID and I didn’t turn into a gullible sheep who constantly needs either heavy medication, serious therapy or constant parental supervision.

    Highly educated, my ass…two things they never learned was courage and discernment. No pity for any of them or the fates they’ve brought on themselves. The Egyptian Eater Of The Dead Ammitu sends her regards.

  2. Once again I’m reminded of a song from a movie. I was in high school when Cabaret came out so I had some understanding of what I was seeing on the screen. I felt sick inside, like my blood was running cold. This number still makes me feel the same way only worse because that shit has taken hold here. Fringe shit that regular or even smart folks should know better than to pay attention to can, with the right “marketing” take deep root. For most of my life, people believed it was never possible in the U.S. Sadly, it is. Too many people including smart ones dismissed Trump and MAGA as a joke. At first I did too. But Trump for all his deficiencies Trump’s skill bordering on superpower is the ability to sell a con. And when they realized how Trump could tap into the resentment and fear GOP leaders with different agendas than Trump figured “Why not. If he manages to ride this into the WH we can get all kinds of stuff we want. Tax cuts for the rich. Massive gutting of regulation. And of course radical judicial nominees.” Now think about the rise of the Q movement. Again, it was a fringe thing that seems to have gotten started by a guy who figured there was a larger supply of tinfoil hat types out there than people realized and he could make some serious money spinning his bullshit. He was right, but the shit grew and he stepped back as it mutated into something bigger and uglier, and no longer needed someone “driving the ship.” Once again, there were those in the conservative ranks who took a cold, hard look and thought they could marshal some of that.

    Now we have the unholy marriage of MAGA and QAnon. Trump has dumped a ton of gasoline on the fire and even if he winds up locked up in supermax down the road, the whole thing won’t need HIM anymore either.

    I urge you to watch the video, and imagine instead of swastikas on those armbands a QAnon symbol with a gold T added somehow. (probably with half or more of the stem of the T inside the Q) And watch to the end, as the two guys are leaving the beer garden as the singing keeps going. What haunted me so thirty years ago, and haunts me far worse now given what we’ve lived with since Trump bulldozed his way to the nomination and into the WH that comment “Still think you can control them?” When the GOP leaders let Trump start bluntly saying all the stuff they’d spend decades saying in code their monster mutated. Beyond their control. They’ve refused to accept that, just as they have refused to accept that Q and its aligning itself with the GOP doesn’t mean they can control IT.

    And now as I said, we have MAGA and QAnon merging into one.

    • Are you talking about the scene with “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”? If you are, I know what you mean, still gives me chills. And I was a child when my mom took me to see that movie.

      • So many songs in Cabatet are chilling … but only one is filmed in a beer garden, and yes, it’s “Tomorrow belongs to me.” And yes, it’s chilling. And if they win the midterms, it will not only be chilling, but also prophetic, and that too is chilling – even more chilling because more imediate.

        Google top search words have migrated away from “abortion” and toward “inflation. That might not be a bad thing if they get directed to the hearing in which RObert Reich testified this morning (and says he was impressed by Raja Krishnamoorthi and Cori Bush, as well as Karie Porter, but Katie he was expecting.) It was this meeting:

        Nevertheless, it’s still a scary change

      • Which part of “tomorrow”? Are you guys referring to Michael York at the end asking “Still think you can control it?” or my favourite, at 1:46 ( the old man rolling his eyes and adjusting his cap. THAT guy’s seen it all and remembers WW1 and the drubbing Germany took at the end, and he KNOWS where this will lead. Unfortunately, all these Trump followers have no concept and don’t have the picture of Mussolini hanging from a tree in their eyes. I hope we’re not heading there, but boy, Twain was right, this is sure rhyming!

        • I talked about both in my comments. I agree with you that if history isn’t trying to repeat itself it’s doing some dangerously serious rhyming. I won’t speak to other countries but in this one it’s clear conservatives nurtured their monster in the basement for decades. Or perhaps a better analogy is one Sean Connery’s character articulated in The Presidio when he had that drunken conversation with the Sgt. Major (played by Jack Warden) when he spoke about the Doberman Pincher guard dog that the owner of the big estate kept locked away when the guests were invited, but turned out when they felt they needed them. Only in real life the GOP’s dogs have gotten off the grounds and multiplied and are no longer under anyone’s control. Or maybe a good movie analogy is that movie series (can’t remember the name) where the Umbrella Corporation engineers a zombie creating virus for bio warfare (but really so they can use it to take over everything in the world) but before they can develop an antidote/vaccine (which they of course would control) it breaks out and infects damned near every living thing.

          Conservatives/the GOP’s monster grew out of their control. It was inevitable. It’s always been that way in human history. Someone always comes along at a moment when conditions are ripe, and their own ego & lust for being all powerful leads them to turn the virus loose. In our time that person has been Trump. Awful as WWII was, imagine Hitler having the kind of military/weapons the U.S. has, AND unlike Hitler was the leader of the world’s only true remaining superpower. The undisputed leader of the free world and the most powerful country in the world both militarily and economically. Scary as shit, at least to me and we are nowhere near stuffing this evil genie back in the lamp.

          And that old man? As I said what struck me even when I was young (but more so as I grew older) was how disgusted he was at what he saw taking place. As you say, he knew where all of it was headed. Our problem now (as in other countries) is that almost ALL those “old men” (and women) who lived through that awful period in history and could and did warn my generation (tail end baby boomer) and successive ones are dead. The so very few who are left are drowned out by the modern media/social media environment. As Leo Solard, the physicist who conceived the possibility of a “chain reaction” said while his colleagues were celebrating that first successful one at the University of Chicago pre-WWII (for us) “The world is headed for trouble. The world is headed for grief.”

    • Tomorrow Belongs to Me, yes. Butit has that scene at the end where the Host’s,face, with a,change in lighting becomes,a,skull. Saw it with a,national.touring company.

      • As I said I was in high school when it came out so I knew enough to be disturbed. I’d of course learn more and appreciate just what that scene represented, how a Hitler could rise to orchestrate all that horror happened. One thing that struck me during the scene then and since was that brief shot of the disgusted old man. Clearly he smelled bullshit and wanted no part of having to be in the middle of that stuff. What made him stand out was virtually everyone else (other than the two characters that were central figures in the overall movie) were young, and highly unlikely to have served in WWI. One might think the old man was too old for that but as it dragged out it’s more than possible even in his forties he might have been press ganged back into military service. My point is a lot of those who see war coming (or expanding to a vast scale after some early successes) and glorify don’t of course have a fucking clue about what it is for those who fight in one. Even training to fight in one for that matter. Colin Powell once said to a stunned group of reporters the job is to create cold, dead enemy bodies. Combine that with Patton’s speech (what you saw in the movie was a speech he gave with minor variations multiple times to large groups of his soldiers early on) and his “No poor bastard ever won a war by dying for his country – he won it by making the OTHER poor dumb bastard die for HIS country!” and there you have it.

        It’s a weakness if not defect of human nature to want something for nothing. If the salesperson is slick enough they can sell it, or at the very least a whole lot for very, very little. In a country with average people struggling, the right (or wrong depending on how you look at it) can sell a message to a discordant populace that it’s not their fault or their country’s fault, but other’s and that rising up and “taking what’s rightfully ours” by force is righteous. And that the matter will be done quickly. A little “sacrifice” now to tool up the machinery of war and the rewards will flow to all like raindrops made of gold! History shows people buy that shit from a wannabe dictator or dictator with delusions of grandeur. People who haven’t experienced war, even as civilians back home rationing everything from gas to baby milk, and all manner of things as my parents and grandparents did during WWII.

        As for this country, that awful eerie prediction of my father’s seems all to possible now. He looked out west and predicted Reagan would not only wind up being the GOP nominee (if one is old enough the elder Bush seemed to be in a great position to get the nod from the GOP for 1980 – and his line about Reagan and “voodoo economics” seemed like a kill shot) but as I said, people want to believe they can get something for nothing. Reagan and his “supply side” tax cuts that would “pay for themselves” was pure snake oil but the B-movie actor knew how to hit his marks (a stage term) and he sold it well. Dad died in 1980 (the anniversary is a few days from now) but I guarantee you had he not he’d have told everyone “I told you so” as our national debt spiraled out of control. Not to mention other stuff Reagan sold. “Right to work” was a thing even then and living in a not at all good economic region union jobs and the money those who had them had to spend was what kept some towns afloat. But many people in many places including many a union worker who wanted the benefits but didn’t want to pay union dues bought into the bullshit in many states. And we’ve seen the results with decade adter decade of flat wage growth to match the rising costs of that given decade!

        And had he lived at least to 1990 I have little doubt my “southern Democrat” dad would have been busting on so many people about what had taken place because they swallowed Reagan’s something for nothing bullshit whole and were asking for more. But damn if he hadn’t been right, that we’d wind up with a country where WWII was a distant memory with only old people telling stories that we’d lose our way and by grab we have.

  3. This q crap was put together by G.O.P. operatives/dark money donors so it was going to be a dumbing down device. The G.O.P. does not want an educated populace because educated people can read and comprehend what exactly the constitution says. Educated people can tell when they’re being bullshitted and act against the bullshitters. An educated populace does not put the ‘pubes, tea-baggers, magats, etc. into public office by and large: you see these people getting elected in areas of the country where most people have no college education and often not even a H.S. Diploma. The easily bamboozled folks vote against their own interested because they are, obviously, easily bamboozled.

    If you want an example just how much the G.O.P. dislikes an educated populace you only have to take a look at their “education” policies. They allow, and in fact encourage, people to put their children into religious “schools” and demand taxpayer dollars pay for it. Thing is, religious schools make up the bottom tier of schools and give worse educations than the meanest, least funded, inner city schools in the nation. Charter schools are not much better. Both have ZERO oversight. This is what the ‘pubes want: piss-poor schools that are not accountable to anyone. Children being put into these “schools” come out like the children supposedly came out of inner city schools in the 90’s–can’t read anywhere near grade level, can’t do basic math, know absolutely nothing about our government/constitution, zero science education….

    Groups like the tea-baggers, q cretins, etc. flourish in the environment the ‘pubes have provided. They put people into congress, the w.h., state legislatures, etc. who have no business in those office due to their total lack of meaningful knowledge about anything other than enslaving as many people as possible. They think that because they are white, xtians they’ll be top of the heap. They are ignoramuses: there is little room at the top of a pyramid which is how the oligarchs in charge want it. These fools will not be happy with what they are screaming for but are too stupid to realize it.

    Ignorance is worse than evil and we are seeing this play out in real time here in the U.S.

    • Add the systematic removal of books that encourage moral and ethical reflection and the truth about our history to all you’ve pointed out above.


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