Finally, after two nonstop weeks of judicial farce from traffic judge Aileen Cannon, we’ve been treated to back to back days of what normal justice looks like in America.

Yesterday senior Brooklyn federal judge Raymond Dearie repeatedly spanked the Trump legal team like an unruly puppy over their nonsensical motions and arguments in his court, at one point literally telling them You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Dearie also told Trump’s legal carp to fuggedaboudit when it came to them seeing the classified documents at this time.

And today, less than an hour ago, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, without ruling on the larger issues, lifted judge Cannon’s stay prohibiting the FBI and DOJ from looking at or using or investigating the 100+ pages of classified documents while the Special Master is working. As we speak, FBI and DOJ agents may already be back hard at works, collating and examining those documents, including as part of the criminal investigation into Trump.

There was some worry about what the court would do, since Trump appointed 6 of the members. I wasn’t really worried. There are 11 judges on the 11th Circuit, and 3 of them are drawn by wheel lot for each case. These guys want to decide cases and write opinions with an eye towards enough of a judicial spotlight to put them in position for a more prestigious appellate court, like the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. They aren’t about to torpedo their own careers over a juvenile court judge sycophant like Cannon.

From where I’m sitting, this particular issue is now settled. Trump’s legal chimps will of course immediately make an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court to restore judge Cannon’s original stay while the case is heard by the full court. Fat chance.

Chief Justice John Roberts greatest nightmare was that the 11th Circuit would random pick 3 Trombies, who would refuse to life the stay, forcing the DOJ to make the same appeal to SCOTUS, and for the court to once again rule against Trump, or appear so morally corrupt that there’s no sense in them even hearing cases anymore.

By being the adults in the room, the 11th Circuit has now tossed Roberts the same sanity lifeline that the DOJ tried to throw to Cannon after her 1st disastrous ruling. Now, when Trump’s legal howler monkeys come screeching into SCOTUS hurling shit balls all over the place, the Supreme Court can now simply make the announcement that they decline to hear the case, since they already have the result they wanted. Pass on that mega turd, and let the 11th Circuit take the heat from Trump and his supporters.

One more thing. The speed with which the 11th Circuit made its ruling to lift judge Doofus’s stay on the FBI and DOJ makes it seem much more likely to me that the Circuit will also overturn bankruptcy court judge Cannon’s ruling on the appointment of the Special Master as well, And once again, when Trump’s ambulance chasers come grunting and squealing with an emergency appeal, they’ll simply decline to hear the case, end of story. Ah, American justice.


MSNBC just reported on the actual composition of the 3 member panel that ruled on the DOJ’s emergency appeal today. It turns out that 2 of the 3 judges on the panel were Trump appointees. But when the time came, all three judges ruled in favor of the DOJ, and in each written opinion basically wondered which planet judge Cannon originally came from.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall tomorrow? Not down at Mar A Lago where there would be bottles of ketchup and plates of food to dodge every time Trump thinks about one of the many legal battles he’s got brewing. No, I’m talking about the conference room at SCOTUS. Tomorrow morning. That room where the Justices meet every working day to kick around opinions and take votes. Including on whether to accept an emergency appeal that Thomas is going to BEG them to take up. That’s right folks. Thomas just happens to be the “Justice” who oversees the 11th Circuit. That means the hastily crafted “Pleeze help us!” appeal will be sent to. Thomas could of course tell them to go pound sand. Anyone want to bet that instead he’ll grovel, beg, plead and maybe wind up threatening (his fellow Federalist Society Fascists) to hear the case. It only takes four Justices to say “Aye” to get the Court to take up a matter. But as I keep saying I truly believe on this one The Federalist Society wants this whole mess out of the news. So they don’t get THEIR organization’s name dragged into it. Anyway, as I said the “discussion” tomorrow, even if Team Trump hasn’t yet filed its request for an emergency hearing should be entertaining as hell.

    • Thomas has his own worries, seeing as his wife has agreed to testify to the J6 Committee. There’s nothing to be gained by SCOTUS taking this up. And if Thomas tries, he’s dumber than I thought.

    • You know, I think we need to stop all the worrying about Trump’s childish tantrum antics (the “bottles of ketchup and plates of food to dodge” bit) and start feeling some sympathy–for the unfortunate employee or employees who will be forced to clean up the mess.

      You have to just wonder how bad these people’s lives could possibly be that they feel having to clean up the boss’s (frequent) messes is their only chance for semi-decent employment? Are they really getting that well paid at MaL? Would they really not prefer working at McDonalds or Taco Bell where they only have to occasionally deal with raving lunatics and cleaning up foul messes (usually the result of customers actually EATING the food rather than customers throwing temper tantrums)?

      • I really do think about them and feel badly for them. Sadly, unless he’s changed his modus operandi most, if not all the staff that does the maintenance of the grounds, the housekeeping and so on are foreigners brought in on work visas sponsored by him. If he fires them or they quit they are subject to deportation. I suspect probably the only thing that changed is once word got out he was using foreign workers he (grudgingly of course!) started paying them minimum wage and providing some level of benefits. Like maybe fewer people crammed into rooms in servant’s quarters. or not having to pay for meals. But I fear for many it’s clean up after his tantrums or get driven to the airport for a trip home.


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