Say what you will about Richard Nixon, he was a fighter and he had focus. He knew what it was to lose a battle and then regroup and go on to be successful in another one. The trust fund baby reality TV actor that spoke in Orlando today can’t make that claim. All he’s ever been good at is fluff and entertainment. He lacks the direction and drive that it takes to be a success at anything, let alone presidential politics. While Democrats have been saying that for years, Donald Trump himself proved that late this afternoon at CPAC.

Arriving at his venue 100 minutes after the appointed hour, he read his speech off the teleprompter for the first time, occasionally reacting to something and ad libbing, and the most charitable word to describe his performance thus far is “lackluster.” There was no new material. Like a washed up Catskills comic, he kept serving up the same old material, apparently hoping to recapture some lost magic from yesteryear.

The Republicans who were expecting a revitalized Trump to roar into command and outline the attack strategy that would mobilize them for the next four years and on to sweeping victory in 2024 were sorely disappointed. Many of them can be seen tripping over their shoelaces and dropping their water bottles, as they shuffle out of the Hyatt Regency, glassy eyed — or looking for the nearest pub.

A few high lowlights:

You can go over to Aaron Rupar’s thread and catch snippets, or wait for the entire thing to be replayed on Newsmax, etc., but you’re not going to hear Nada. Zip. Rien de tout. Trump is all played out and it shows.

Two takeaways that the right-wing world will be reverberating with for days and trying to figure out how to spin:

  1. Trump said he wasn’t starting a new party, “We have the Republican party.”
  2. He did not say he would run in 2024. The closest he got was “maybe we’ll beat them a third time.”

This is hardly the fire and brimstone, sermon from the mount that was expected. This was a dud.

Trump has no idea how to bounce back. His entire life experience has never taught him that. He knows how to drop one project in lieu of another, declare bankruptcy, stiff his creditors and screw his associates, but bouncing back and holding the line are things he never learned.

There is no joy in Trumpworld tonight, but there are a hell of a lot of emergency ad hoc focus meetings. Yeah, they got problems, right there in Repub City and that’s problems with a “p” and that rhymes with “T” and that stands for Trump. Problems, problems, problems……..

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  1. In short, he’s broken. I mentioned a long time ago how this would likely play out like a rerun of W’s exit. While I’ve since been proven wrong in key ways, there was one aspect of it I never accounted for. Any credible threat from the GQP side is going to have to come from outside the Trump conflict zone. W’s blundering tainted all the party insiders to the point of being complicit to Trump in the end, after all. That’s who it would take to become the next-Avengers level threat.

    • He should be well past the worry stage and firmly in dread territory. The kind of crimes he’s being charged with are so easy to prove, a first year law student could get him convicted.

      • I always ask and I never get an answer. I think they think maybe they’ll convince us of something other than what we already know to be true. Hope springs eternal, something like that.

        • Hopefully, my comment will come through, DID send info to your gal Friday …

          This Buffoons’-a-freak CPAC, “splendor in the weeds”, closing chapter on a wasted, scared-to-death, WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER”, could be the power to melt Winter into glorious Spring …

    • You did nothing but judge me and mine for my entire life. The time has now arrived where we shall do unto you as you have done unto us. Spoiler alert: you’re gonna hate it.

    • You fascist have no opinions of your own. You just attack anything patriots do. Leftist are the only patriots in this country and they beat the crap out of you traitors last year even with all your fraud and attacks on democracy.

  2. Just shut the phuck up donny! Loser leading the lemmings over the cliff. So much phucking winning. “So much winning”. Guess they meant whinning.

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