Gather round all you “killers of dreams.” Remember how three weeks ago Melania was righteously miffed at the New York Times and other media outlets who had the audacity to truthfully report that she was collecting money for a fundraising event when she wasn’t legally registered to do so? Well, guess what? That was correct information then and it is correct information now. The event has been canceled, although Melania’s spokesman states that “Florida state did not shut us down,” and there’s one other teensy detail: How much money is Melania holding, which was improperly collected? The New York Times:

Mrs. Trump had announced in late January plans for what she called “Tulips & Topiaries,” a gathering at an undisclosed location in Naples, Fla., that would feature an “elaborate flower garden with tulips” and “delicious hors d’oeuvres alongside tea and bubbles.” Tickets were put on sale for as much as $50,000 for a VIP table, with the money, she said, slated to provide scholarships to children emerging from foster care.

But Whip Fundraising, a consulting firm that helped organize the event, only registered as required by the state in recent days, after Florida officials began investigating the matter. Florida requires certain organizations that ask for charitable donations among Florida residents to first file with the state and then report how the money will be spent.

They were not registered as a professional solicitor or a fund-raising consultant, and they are working to rectify that,” said Erin Moffet, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees charitable organizations in the state. […]

Ms. Moffet said the event planned for April 9 had been canceled and that any money that had been raised through ticket sales would be forwarded to a nonprofit group called GenJustice that is registered in Florida as a charity, and that helps foster children. With that, she said, the state’s investigation into the matter had been closed.

In a statement Thursday, Mrs. Trump’s office declined to say how much money had been raised, but said the event had not been canceled. “The event organizer is rescheduling to a future date due to the overwhelming support from individuals and charitable organizations,” the statement said.

Brad Keltner, the head of Whip Fundraising, said in an interview on Thursday that his company had not broken any state rules and that the initial guidance from the state he had received in December was that he did not need to register as a fund-raiser. But he said after being contacted by state investigators, he had moved this week to register with the state to eliminate any outstanding questions. He said the decision to reschedule the event was unrelated to the state inquiry and no one from the state had asked that it be called off.

“Florida state did not shut us down,” he said. “This was an internal decision made due to overwhelming response that we were not prepared to handle.”

Well, we certainly hope that they regroup and get ready to handle the stampede of people who want to spend $50K to drink a cup of tea and eat a cucumber sandwich. Common sense would decree that anybody else in that kind of a position would find a way to keep the event on calendar and merely shift to a larger venue, or whatever would accommodate the crowd. But this is Trump world and common sense is in shorter supply than business acumen, and that is virtually non existent.

And wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much money Melania collected already? Just asking. You know what they say, the Devil is in the details.


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  1. Great. Yet ANOTHER blatant, out-in-the-open, in-your-face crime for Merrick Garland to ignore. Just one more crime to add to the mountain of crimes for which Garland does nothing. What a shocker.

    • You might want to rein in the hate there, Kev, because you risk coming off as an idiot. This is NOT a crime for the US Department of Justice; it’s ENTIRELY a matter for the State of Florida. Just because a Trump is involved, it does NOT mean it’s cause for the Feds to get involved.

      I’ll also remind you that you have NO EFFIN’ CLUE what Garland is or isn’t doing. THAT is how criminal investigations are properly handled. Even at a local or state level, prosecutors avoid letting people know every last little thing they’re doing so as to NOT LET THE BAD GUYS KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. A prosecutor might release some information as a feint, to let the purported subject of an investigation have a chance to come in and confess in hopes of a lighter sentence but that is absolutely NOT required and stealth is often preferred (investigators would prefer to keep all their cards hidden and generally hate when they’re pressured–usually by MISGUIDED, IMPATIENT morons–to release information before any trial starts).

  2. I don’t buy either “excuse”…..I think it’s more of a failure to read the room and as a result, lack of ticket sales.

    Her targeted audience…..her husband’s redneck, degenerate base, don’t consider a social gathering to consist of sipping tea and nibbling cucumber sandwiches while strolling through a tulip garden for $50,000 a seat.

    Their idea of a social event is all night bingo, 12 pack of PBR and a carton of cigs in tow at the the Ebeneezer Baptist Church and Flea Market for $20 a bingo card.




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