I suppose that it had to get to this. The conspiracy theories are flying these days off of Stew Peters’ aka Stew Pidd’s show, like bats out of the Batcave. This one is right in line with the 5G towers issuing subliminal commands that will enslave the human race into a bunch of zombies, under the will of a few technocrats.

Listen to Patrick Howley describe the plot to you. Don’t forget, this is being done by Gates, the billionaire with a mosquito army and a plot to block the sun.

You can’t make this up.

Query: if you drink “non-human” milk do you then turn into a non-human? Maybe it’s time for another Outer Limits reboot, ya think?

This clip will tell you everything you never wanted to know about Patrick Howley.

He says, “I don’t know who the black dude is.” I think he’s Anthony Mackie who plays Captain America. Probably just as well Howley doesn’t know. I mean, the Justice League of America is not Wakanda, right?

I once dated the Gerber Baby Food baby of 1933. Seriously. When I met him it was in the late 70’s and he was a hack screenwriter. Here is his opus. Take two minutes and watch this, it is hilariously bad.

Too bad the man is dead now, he could run for office as a Republican, parlaying his image on the Gerber Baby Food jars into a professional credential and fight the demonic mother’s milk fight. Makes sense to me. Roger Stone could make it happen. I believe that.

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  1. They must be slipping. I didn’t see them naming George Soros in their list of “overlords.” Maybe we should start a pool on when they will realize their omission and find some way of announcing him as part of this bullshit CT they are now touting.

  2. That Dungeonmaster clip is too funny Ursula! And to date “cow’s milk” isn’t very nutritious any longer the way they treat it.

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