Kari Lake has been so “Trumpian” in her conviction that she won the election, and it was stolen from her, that it was simply a matter of time before she either committed a crime or came close enough to a criminal act that it became a thing. With this tweet immediately below, Kari Lake may have committed a felony, according to Arizona’s Sec. of State:

I don’t know about you, but my signature varies with my mood and, of course, what I am writing on, kitchen counter, desk, whatever. If I have to do the “finger-tip” thing with a credit card, it looks like nothing like my signature at all. I just squiggle. So even Lake’s tweet proves nothing.

What she did do is possibly commit a felony in publishing them. From Newsweek:

On Monday, Fontes, a Democrat, sent the referral to Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes based on Lake’s tweet, saying that posting unauthorized photos of voters’ signatures could be in violation of state law prohibiting “records containing a voter’s signature” from being “accessible or reproduced by any person other than the voter.”


And back to Newsweek:

While Lake did not address the referral on her personal account, her campaign, Kari Lake War Room, tweeted Monday night, “Adrian Fontes wants Kris Mayes to investigate & potentially imprison @KariLake for the ‘crime’ of … sharing signature verification evidence that was presented before the @AZSenateGOP & is currently in her lawsuit.”

“Welcome to the Banana Republic of Arizona,” the account added.

And back to our original premise. If you follow Trump’s lead long enough, you will commit a crime or at least be seriously investigated for one.

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  1. I think every person whose signature was included in Lake’s tweet should contact some attorneys and sue her for subjecting them to potential identity theft.

    And then, Kari Lake should be required* to provide EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT that she’s ever signed (okay–as many as she can reasonably get hold of from the last 5 years or so) so the general public can see how her signature has apparently NEVER varied so much as a single dot over the “I” or a size/spacing of a single loop (presumably in the “K” and the vowels) and that she’s never rushed her signature for any reason.

    *Especially if she’s stupid enough to try filing another one of her frivolous lawsuits.

  2. It’s worth mentioning that those signatures are from a different election. IOW they have no evidentiary value in her bogus lawsuit. Sadly, if some regular person that works polls, say some partisan hack did what Lake did they’d get prosecuted and probably convicted. For Lake however, the shit-show circus she’d create as a “celebrity” being politically “persecuted” just might save her from prosecution. That’s (sadly, and infuriatingly) how the law works or perhaps it’s better to say doesn’t work for the rich and famous vs. the rest of us.

    • Then she needs to have her ignorant ass dragged into civil court. She has endangered people’s identities subjected them to I.D. theft and all the shit that goes with that. In short, Lake needs to lose everything she owns, ever has owned, and ever will own.

  3. Ditto Denis. The sooner we admit we are the land of hypocrisy, the more likely we’ll stop this particular brand of fascism/cult behavior. If not? Well… history has clearly shown what happens.



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