Reminder. The Big Lie is an easily disproven falsehood, repeated constantly in an informational vacuum, until it is finally widely believed and accepted.

I have previously written that His Lowness was in a truly unique position to promulgate The Big Lie. By the time Trump ran for President, he already enjoyed universal name recognition and popularity from The Apprentice. He already had a heavy social media presence and in FUX News, he had his own propaganda network that was nothing if not a fact free zone.

In a previous article, a reader reminded me that The Big Lie was not a 2020 construct, that Trump actually started using in in the summer of 2016 to lay the groundwork for an excuse for a loss to Clinton. But even that isn’t accurate. He actually started using it in the fall of 2015, telling his raggedy ass mob that the only way he could lose the nomination was if the primaries were rigged against him. He threatened to pull out and form a 3rd party.

Remember the most critical component of The Big Lie. It requires an informational vacuum in which the lie is constantly repeated. And Traitor Tot has lost that vacuum. Since Trump’s loss, the mainstream media gleefully dropped him like a case of the clap, social media gave him the heave ho for trying to engineer a coup, and even FUX News has him on a media time allowance. And it’s showing.

I have thought since day one that, for a guy with an ironclad stranglehold on the GOP, Trump had pretty weak fingers. In a straw poll taken at the first CPAC Convention following Trump’s loss, while 71% wanted Trump to continue to have a leadership role in the GOP, a scant majority of 51% wanted him to run again in 2024. And this was in the direct aftermath of Trump’s loss, when the freshness and outrage of The Big Lie should have had attendees universally demanding that he run again.

And it just keeps getting worse. Trump is still a social media outcast, his message weakened, but others are stepping up to actively combat The Big Lie. The Lincoln Project continues to hammer Trump and his most loyal toadies. Other groups are pitching in, and Miles Taylor’s group has at least 2 ads up and running, trying to motivate moderate GOP and independent voters to show up at the polls for the primaries to defeat Trump backed candidates. And the cherry on top? A recent poll showed that Trump’s popularity in the GOP had dropped 10 points, from 83% to 73%, and a truly anemic 33% want him to run again in 2024.

Trump is going down fighting. He’s holding his first 2022 rally in Phoenix tonight, but as far as I know, it isn’t being carried nationally by anybody, diluting his message. And while sniveling Trumplets like McCarthy, Gaetz, Jordan and MTG continue the drumbeat, it isn’t being picked up, But when GOP Senator Mike Rounds came out and declared that the 2020 election was free and fair, it dominated the national news cycle for the day.

And that’s when I realized it. Trump doesn’t have a stranglehold on The Republican Party, Trump has a stranglehold on The RNC, his rabid base, and the far right media outlets and blogosphere. Which means that he has a stranglehold on the entire GOP caucus, who see him as their only path forward. And so they march forward in lock step towards the cliff, like good little lemmings.

I just wrote yesterday that Most. Normal. People. Can’t. Stand. Trump. Every time he runs, or tries to insert himself, the GOP loses by a worse margin nationally. And as Trump’s ability to effectively broadcast The Big Lie weakens, it is being replaced by a near constant drumbeat of The Big Truth. Most non FUX New cable news hosts and guests now almost universally call Trump’s election fraud claims what it is, The Big Lie. And they are happy to counter it with The Big Truth. And now moderate anti Trump activists, late out of the gate, are thundering out of the far turn to beat the bushed to spread the gospel of The Big Truth.

Everybody keeps saying that the 2022 midterms will be the most consequential midterms of our lifetime, possibly in history. And that may well be true. But from where I’m sitting, the 2022 GOP primaries will be just as consequential, and probably the most entertaining primaries of our lifetime. Trombies and QAnon mental midgets are depressed because none of their stunts got Trump back in the White House. And Trump has depressed them further by telling the to Not bother voting, it’s rigged anyway. Meanwhile, the Never Trump moderates are energized by Trump’s sinking poll numbers in the GOP, and the thought of finally getting their party back! Fire up the micro folks, and make mine Theater double butter. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.


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  1. Benedict Donald has ALWAYS been a 3rd rate outcast outsider starved for recognition and attention. From his father Fred, Jr. who always had disdain for him as a money-grubbing lazy good for nothing coward. Fred constantly had to bribe school Deans to allow him to pass from one grade to the next or to gain admissions to a college and when he was inducted into the Brighton Beach Russian Mob, had to be given an “easy” assignment to gain passage. To his inability to gain any respect from the Manhattan cognoscenti rich and famous when he desperately attempted to join their social circles. His only “friends” were ones that would backstab him in a New York minute once his back was turned and were only in business partnerships with him when they could personally benefit monetarily. Remember back in 2016 during the Republican Convention that nominated him, there wasn’t a single current or former business associate that vouched for him or spoke before the attendees about how great a guy he was? The man’s greatest demonstrated abilities all his life have been as a coward, bully, rapist, Con-Artist, Mobster, and endless pep-rally ego-stoking campaigner.

    The pivot has already begun from Trump to DeSantis in 2024. Trump will be running for 2024, ostensibly to grift more $ from his devoted followers to pay back Putin and to stoke his egomaniacal dictator-worship Jones. But not with the backing of Putin, GOP Dark Money Big Hitters, the RNC, ALEC, The Koch and Mercer Families, Wellspring, The Federalist Society, Heritage Action, or the US Chamber of Commerce. They will all be putting their $ and resources behind DeSantis, whose image is being shaped as the next Trump to continue leading the GOP Party into it’s complete makeover as the GOP-Nazi Party.

    • If we are lucky, DeathSantis will lose reelection and therefore have no platform from which to run. There are plenty of other Trump wannabes that can fill that void. Russia has two years to figure out which horse to back.

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