Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Ivana Trump is one of the more skillful trolls in the celebrity-verse these days. Today she told Page Six: that her ex husband shouldn’t seek re-election in 2020. The messages you can find between the lines are priceless. “I’ll tell you something, I don’t think it’s necessary.” “He has a good life and he has […]
The pen is mightier than the sword and facts are mightier than the fulminations of Donald Trump, who was probably in a worse humor than normal when tweeting today after being rejected by the Bushes, who didn’t want him at Barbara’s funeral. Trump...
Michael Avenatti is a true maestro of the media, mainstream and social. This morning Trump went off the deep end on Twitter reacting to a story in the New York Times about his relationship with his lawyer, Michael Cohen. Trump is depicted as an abusive boss to a doting, desperate to please Cohen. Naturally, fake news and witch hunt featured […]
On Thursday, Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels lawyer, made a bold prediction on Nicole Wallace’s show: This is a very, very serious matter for the president at this point. There’s no question that Michael Cohen knows where many, many bodies are buried. They are going to turn him. And when they turn him, the president is […]
Michael Cohen has famously said, “I’d take a bullet for him. I’d never walk away.” What inspires such fierce, unyielding loyalty? It sure isn’t approval because Donald Trump has withheld that, despite Cohen’s doglike devotion. Trump is an abusive boss, who, if anything, rebuffs Cohen’s efforts to please. New York Times: Over the years, Mr. […]
It keeps getting better and better. According to The Daily Beast, Stormy Daniels plans to sue Donald Trump for defamation after he called the composite sketch of a man who allegedly threatened her a “total con job.” On Tuesday, Daniels went on The View to reveal the sketch: After the show aired, Trump took to his favorite […]
Donald Trump should not have even been on the first three Forbes 400 lists, according to journalist Jon Greenberg. He got there by lying. The first time, in 1982, he claimed to be worth $100Million when he was in fact  worth $5Million, a drop in the bucket, compared to the mega wealthy with whom Trump […]
Laundering mistress payoff money isn’t officially an area of legal specialization, nevertheless it is Michael Cohen’s metier. Remember the smoking gun of Watergate, where Woodward and Bernstein found a $25,000 deposit made with campaign funds put into the bank account of one of the Watergate burglars? Michael Avenatti has found something similar. Vanity Fair: Indeed, […]
And now a word from our sponsor. Really Donald, I mean, really?!? “Shadey” James Comey That tweet had to come from Trump directly, since his aides and staff all had to be able to spell their names correctly on their applications. Come on man, even a rapper like eminem knows how to spell “Shady” correctly! People get […]
Andrew McCabe, Former FBI Director, is planning to sue the Trump administration for defamation, wrongful termination and other possible civil suits, according to multiple media reports Friday. Attorney General Jeff Session fired McCabe earlier this year after a report found that he made an unauthorized disclosure of information to the media and that he lacked “candor”  with federal investigators.  […]

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