Here’s a flashpoint in the culture war and this is going to get hot. This just happened. I’m sure the war room at Fox News and all the other right-wing war rooms, including Steve Bannon’s, which is named that, are convening as we speak and figuring out how to get maximum mileage out of this one.

This is like Anthony Fauci’s “what a moron, Jesus Christ” remarks about Roger Marshall in the Senate last week. And the plain truth of the matter is, you can’t blame either Biden or Fauci.

Marshall’s comments last week were about Fauci not disclosing his income and Fauci does disclose his income, it’s a matter of public record. On this occasion with Biden and Doocy, Doocy asked a stupid question, which is his wont to do, and Biden responded.

I like this fire in the belly Joe Biden. Fuck Peter Doocy. Fuck ’em all.

The gloves are off. Get ready for the blow back, it ought to be good. I’m sure we’re going to see some anti-reporter commentary, as if Doocy could ever qualify for that job title in a million years. He’s second generation talking head on Fox *News* that’s his pedigree. This is going to be good.

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  1. For God’s sake, DON’T apologize! TFG called reporters “horrible, terrible people”, “the enemy of the people”, “fake news”, etc. and NEVER apologized and was never held accountable. If you must comment on this comment, respond, “the ‘gentleman’ spent his time in this room asking disingenuous questions designed to provide his employer with “gotcha” response sound bites. His questions were deliberately stupid.”

    • I doubt he’s even going to go that far. He gave Doocy and his ilk a year of grace. That year has now expired. He won’t bring it up again but he’s not apologizing either.

  2. Fuck em Dano. Goddamn snowflakes wrapped in hypocrisy. I have a note for the suggestion,(someone pls explain this word to bulldog barr),box. Hey maggats…go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

  3. President Biden was just stating the obvious. I’m surprised people, especially Jen Psaki, are saying this to Doocy’s face on a daily basis.

  4. If someone brings this situation up to Biden he should respond, “Well he IS a stupid son of a bitch.” Then follow up with,” Time and time again Democratic executive administrations hand off to incoming Republican administrations a thriving economy, which the Republicans promptly destroy leaving the incoming Democratic administration to clean up their mess……then stupid sons of bitches like Doocy and his ilk snivel, whine, piss and moan that the Dems aren’t cleaning up the Republican’s mess fast enough.”

  5. If little Doocy’s fee fees are hurt well, sometimes the TRUTH does actually hurt! Hell, in every press conference he climbs out on the proverbial seat of one of those carnival dunk tanks and hands Jen Psaki a ball to send him swimming. He should be used to the idea he’s a dumbass and stupid son-of-a-bitch. And everyone including dear old dad on that Fox Couch knowing it.

      • Damn. I never thought of that but you might be on to something. And since he endures his daily humiliations from Psaki in public he’s truly a sub! (I know a bit about this world from having long ago briefly dated a sub. It was short-lived because once I learned about that world being a Dom just wasn’t my thing. It seemed like it would be way too much work, and I’m a man of simple tastes. But it was interesting and I met some fascinating people at a couple of casual/”vanilla” social gatherings.)

  6. Please note the delivery in Joe’s voice as well. It’s similar to Fauci’s in its utter contempt…as if he were saying (rightly) that this particular stupid son of a bitch isn’t worth scraping off his shoes. Our President is trying to run a country while this asswipe is trying to score cheap points with an IQ that is dwarfed by his shoe size. Who WOULDN’T get pissed?

  7. So next time Douchey wants to ask Jen a question, I’m hoping she’ll look at him, nod and say “Yes, that stupid son of a bitch, ask away.”

  8. It is terrifying to the rest of us when people actually listen to stupid son of bitch like Doocy or douche bag as most of us call him. It’s like call Fuckhead Carlson Tucker. More idiots on parade!

    • Obviously my proof reading skills suck! I offer this as a defense, usually there is an edit button somewhere but I can’t seem to find it on this website.

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