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Rick Wilson Exposes Trump's 'Protection Racket: Either Mueller Gets It Or The Economy Does'
Rick Wilson does his usual colorful savaging of Trump’s SOTU address, before getting to Trump channeling his inner Nixon, possibly the only moment of color in a predictably boring speech,…

The Biggest "Loser"
I am not going to rehash the insipid intellectual wasteland that was the Trump State Of The Union speech last night. Since I quit drinking a couple of years ago,…

Stacey Abrams is A Tough Act to Follow, but Pet Shop Boys Try: - "Give Stupidity a Chance."
No one in their right minds would attempt to top the excellent performance by Stacey Abrams delivered with her  SOTU response last night, but in an awesomely timed release yesterday…

'Between Gridlock and Greatness' -- SOTU Speech Another Farce By Carny Barker In Chief
How democracy ended up leaving the rails one election year, cursing us with this bizarre permutation of a presidency, is a topic that will be debated and written about for…

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