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Welcome to a New Year. We have just added a new writer, Dino Durrati. Durrati is a survivor of the seventies and a U.S. Navy Veteran who currently works a blue collar job for City Utilities in a small Midwestern City. His hobbies include goading Donald Drumpf, portraiture art and reading history. He very much appreciates your reading his work.

Thank you for your support of PolitiZoom. We have acquired a number of patrons, which is a good step forward. The wolf is now away from the door, but unfortunately, he's still down the street and slavering, so we need to continue to attract more patrons.

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What is a Pampers President without the Pampers?
What is the sound of one hand clapping?   Chinese proverb OK screw it, I was wrong. So, sue me. A little over a week ago I put up a rather…

Romney Snaps at Tillis. Johnson Blames Yurtle. GOP in Disarray Prior to Votes to End Shutdown.
Sounds like a grand time was had by all at a GOP private luncheon in the Senate prior to the useless vote to try to end the government shutdown: Washington…

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