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Trump Defies Cell Phone Security Protocol, Placing Ability To Tweet Above National Security
In the sanity of the Obama administration, cell phones were handed over every thirty days for security purposes.  In the Trump mal-administration, Trump has gone as long as five months…

Michael Cohen Is An Untouchable In Trump World These Days
Michael Cohen famously said he would “take a bullet” for Donald Trump and there are a lot of people in Trump’s inner circle who would be just fine with that,…

Trump Lit the Constitutional Crises Match Over the Weekend. Will the Nation Hose It Down?.
My fellow writers here at Politizoom have done yeoman's work in documenting the breathtaking revelations of the last week. In response to all the revelations, Trump did what he always does,…

Sweden has distributed a war preparedness pamphlet to every household
Think there aren't international implications to Donald Trump's grandstanding and actions with other world leaders?  Well, the Guardian reports today that Sweden, yes Sweden has distributed a pamphlet, Om krisen eller kriget kommer…

Democrats STILL too Cute on Mid-Terms: Nail the White House Hard, Everyday, Harder Still, Win
Michael Tomasky writes an op-ed in The Daily Beast, on the Dem strategy going into the mid-terms, and hit something I've believed since the night of the November 2016 election,…
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