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Thank you for your support of PolitiZoom. We have acquired a number of patrons, which is a good step forward. The wolf is now away from the door, but unfortunately, he's still down the street and slavering, so we need to attract even more patrons between now and the end of the year.

Many have raised the question of whether social media will lighten up after the midterm elections. As near as we can evaluate, if social media does so, it will be more of a slow thaw than a sudden reversal of policy. It's not only small sites like this one that are being targeted. Facebook has shut down the accounts of various watchdog/accountability groups, with the result that it has been accused of "purging of anti-establishment thought" and "full-frontal suppression of dissent." Obviously, Facebook is painting with too broad a brush if it can't easily discern the difference between an account like Alex Jones' and a watchdog group like Police the Police, or The Anti-Media. Empowering corporate giants like social media to censor and suppress certain kinds of content is indeed a slippery slope, given that the suppression almost always expands far beyond the original target, which is exactly what we're seeing.

This issue is by no means settled and the way that social media censorship is handled in the months and years immediately ahead will determine whether powerful giants have the ability to silence independent political perspectives that run counter to the corporate media's dominant narratives.

Keep your eyes open and do whatever you can to support grassroots progressive journalism, and beyond that, free speech above repression and truth above lies. We'll be right here with you in the fight.

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