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Without support from our readers, we will be forced to shut down the website and this newsletter on October 31st.

We have set up a campaign on Patreon, which allows people to give on-going support (or patronage) of $5 a month (or more if you can). If we can get to 100 patrons by October 31st, we can keep the site and the newsletter going. Otherwise, we will be forced to shut downPlease become a patron of PolitiZoom:

A GOP classic updated to 2.0. Taylor Swift Boating.
You gotta love the GOP, I mean, seriously. They're just so cute when they go all Don Rickles and shit. This always keeps coming off like the kid with plastic frame…

Right On Parody Song Urges Women To Rise Up And Go Out And Vote!
This truly is worth the listen. It's satirical and it's dead on. The message of women rising up and going out and voting the bums out is simply great.…

Author Of Vagina Monologues Writes Open Letter To Women Supporters Of Brett Kavanaugh
The Vagina Monologues was produced off-off-Broadway in 1996 and was hailed by the New York Times as “the most significant piece of political theater of the last decade.” Arguably, that…

Seasoned Political Journalist Shatters Myth Of The 'Republican Surge' Post Kavanaugh
Republican prospects were rebounding,” just exactly like what Mitch McConnell is currently proclaiming. McConnell says that opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation provided, “the kind of adrenaline shot that we had not…

Roger Stone's Buddy Crowing That Kavanaugh Will Bail Him Out In Fight Against Mueller
Well, this didn’t take long. The corruption of the Supreme Court, now that Brett Kavanaugh is on it, is starting apace because the crazies view him as their ally. Andrew…

Ivanka Trump for UN Ambassador. Woot! Woot!
Every time you think it can’t get any more stupid, the moron train just keeps chugging down the tracks. With the sudden announcement of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigning from her…

Billionaire Democrat Bottom Lines It About Climate Change and Republican Culpability
Tom Steyer is telling everybody that the smoke alarm is going off, telling us that we’ve hit the wall where climate change is concerned, after the IPCC report which just…

28 days to go. Eyes on the prize people!
You know, I’ve got to hand it to El Pendejo Presidente. When it comes to politics, he literally could fall into a shithouse, and come up with a sealed box…

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