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Trump Tower Became "A Cathedral to Russian Mafia Money Laundering"
Investigative journalist Craig Unger holds nothing back in his new book House of Putin, House of Trump. In the book, Unger finds that Trump was targeted by the Russian mob long ago,…

Hilarious New Ad Takes On Russian Loving Trumpites W/spin On 'America Love It Or Leave It' (video)
Remember the bumper stickers of yore, featuring Old Glory, and the words, "America, Love It Or Leave It?" In the wake of the now famous photo of the two Trump…

Manafort Offered Admin Position in Exchange Bank "Loan," Kushner Email: "On it!"
By now you've heard that some small-time bank CEO got fleeced out of $16 million dollars in a loan that Manafort never planned to pay back, on the pretense that…

Omarosa States that Trump Knew of Clinton's Hacked Email Prior to Release from Wiki
Breaking on MSNBC right now, Omarosa gave an interview to Katy Tur in which Tur asked Omarosa if Trump knew of the hacked Hillary emails before Wikileaks released them. She…

Trump motivates the base. The Democrats base!
I've said for months now that the ultimate Democratic secret weapon in the 2018 midterms are the $1 Store Caligula himself. And with his frenzied, vicious response to Omarosa's digs…

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