Was Last Week’s Insurrection An “Inside Job”?


Democratic New Jersey congresswoman Mikie Sherrill is nobody’s pushover. A 10 year veteran Navy chopper pilot, she is by nature security conscious. Every stay at a foreign military base, including in the Middle East, contained a security briefing. And a standard part of that briefing was to remain alert, and to look for the out of place, such as someone unfamiliar loitering around a chopper. Sherrill learned that lesson well.

Which is why, last Tuesday, the day before the bloody insurrection, Sherrill was stunned to gain entry to the Capitol building, only to find multiple groups wandering around the complex. See, the thing is, the Capitol building is closed to visitors. It has been since March of 2020, when the coronavirus swept the nation. In order to keep the 535 members of congress, as well as their staffs as safe as possible, the complex was closed to visitors. The only way for a group to be admitted to the Capitol building was to be walked in by a sitting member of congress or a certified staff member. 

Which bothered the hell out of Mikie Sherrill. She didn’t just see one group wandering around various parts of the Capitol, she saw multiple groups. And Sherrill made her suspicions abundantly clear, both to the Capitol police, as well as the House Sargent at Arms. And it was confirmed to her that the only way for a group to be there, was to have been escorted in by a member of congress, or a staff member.

And now Mikie Sherrill is blowing the whistle. In a letter, cosigned by 38 other members of congress or their staffs, who saw the roving groups, she is demanding to know the identity of the congress members, or staff embers, who escorted these people in, and gave them a rout. And one way or another, sooner or later, she is going to get that information.

Stick a pin in this article. because this is going to blow up, and go off like a nuclear strike. The Capitol building rules are crystal clear, and have been in force for almost a year now. In order for a group to be admitted, someone with the proper authority  had to sign them in, and escort them. And sooner or later, those names are going to get out there, and the facts are going to be known.

In the aftermath of the attack, one of the things that started trickling out was the fact that at least some of the marauders seemed to know exactly where they were going, and what they would find when they got there. And it just lay there, like a cultural oddity, until congresswoman Mikie Sherrill came forward to shine a light on it.

Eventually, the facts are going to come out. And if it is proven that a sitting member of congress, or any of their staffers were giving guided tours to domestic terrorists, in order to case the joint, then may God have mercy on their souls, because nobody else will.

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6 Comments on "Was Last Week’s Insurrection An “Inside Job”?"

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priscianus jr

The phrase that comes to mind, for someone who would do something like that, is “they started getting cocky.” Because they believed they were protected from on high.


Reminds me of a Chinese tong leader in late 19th Century San Francisco. He’d gotten so high up the chain of his ecosystem that he was able to hire white bodyguards as a status symbol. But…he started believing his own press about being invincible. So when he strolled into his barbershop without his protective helmet and chainmail that let him survive for so long, well, there were predictable results.


I think so.

chris whitley

I am glad this lady is standing up for what she believes in, and holding these people accountable. Many broke the law and the rules of government. And then want you to believe they are somehow patriots and being accused unfairly. It’s right in the constitution that what a lot of these people did would get them expelled. There are no excuses, it’s in their job description that they at least look at the constitution and should know better unlike the clown in the office that has to have things read to him.