The Death Of “The Big Lie”


Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Lord and little fishes, it seems like we spend more time talking about The Big Lie today than we have for the last 50 years combined. But when you have a man whose image pops up if you Google the word Bullshit sitting in the White House, welcome to our world.

The Big Lie is a political concept as old as communication. By far the world champion was Adolf Hitler, although Stalin, Mao, and the Kims of North Korea are no slouches either. And Trump is right up there with them.

In order to be successful, The Big Lie, it requires a few things. First of all, it requires at least the appearance and image of power. Trump has been a bullshit artist his entire life, but nobody took him seriously. But when Trump ascended to the presumptive lead in the 2016 GOP primaries, it elevated his status, as well as his media share.

It also requires discipline, and God knows that Trump displayed it. Whether instinctively, or with research, Trump managed to find the hidden triggers that would activate all of the underserved downers out there who felt that they had been betrayed by the system and politics. The message was simple, as these things need to be. As to a constant stream of petty grievances, blame whoever else the grievant was already blaming, and promise to make the fuckers pay! believe me, I covered Trump for five years, and I can almost recite his stump speech in my sleep.

Most importantly, it requires a docile mass media. With the fierce independence of the US media, that should have been impossible. But they fell for the siren’s song, since Trump was such a non stop freak show, and so were his rallies, and they filled air time almost every night. And for the heavy duty slander, racism, and filth, FOX News sold its soul to the devil almost on the first day, for the ratings.

Even as President, Trump maintained control. While the mainstream media started dogging him endlessly over each scandal, far too many of them, especially in the electronic media, still slavishly kept reading out his every insane tweet, mistaking for legitimate news instead of mind numbing propaganda. And to the sheeple, it doesn’t matter what the source is, as long as the lie gets out there.

But the most important thing required for the propagation of The Big Lie, is constant repetition. And for Donald Trump, and for all of his slavish enablers in the House and Senate, those salad days are already over.

Just look at the last week since the insurrection. On a daily basis, there has been an incredible amount of legitimate information being broadcast about Trump’s coup attempt. But from Trump himself? cheep-cheep-cheep It isn’t like trump has lost his access to the media, he’s still the President, he can come out at any time and face the cameras. But Trump is at heart a chickenshit, and he knows that, this badly damaged, the media would chew him up alive. It has always been his favored method of communication, using it to bombard the world with the message, without having to account for or justify the content. And now that avenue is gone.

And it’s only going to get worse. Without close air cover, even Trump’s most loyal acolytes were unwilling to utter The Big Lie from the well of the House. Instead they bloviated on about the solemnity of their responsibility to protest the electoral results. And don’t forget that 10 of them broke with the party today to vote to impeach Trump.

It won’t be instantaneous, or quick, but the daisy chain has been broken. Remember this. For the most part, Trump enjoyed 90% popularity among Republican voters, but his hard core base was never more than right around 30%. That means that 60% of the GOP just bought Trump’s bullshit. And their mothers milk teat has just dried up. And as the investigations and trials drag on, and more and more unfiltered truth comes out, they’ll change their minds. They’ll never admit to it, of course, but in anonymous polling, you’ll see Trump’s popularity rating as a President sink into the sewer. Right where it belongs.

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Scott Jackson

I never felt the same way about the powerful Wizard of Oz after toto pulled back the curtain.


The Big Lie is like any magic trick, less impressive once you’ve seen how it works.