I don’t know if Strikeforce Rudy is representing Parler in their suit against Amazon, filed Monday, but they’ve got somebody of that caliber in the mix, it would appear. The suit is heavy on accusation, light on evidence. But it really should come as no surprise, considering the plaintiff is a professional propaganda purveyor posing as a man of principle, dedicated to free speech. Nevertheless, he wants a judge to order Amazon to reinstate Parler.  The Hill:

The 18-page complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered, accuses Amazon Web Services (AWS) of applying a politically motivated double standard to Parler in contrast to its treatment of the more mainstream social media giant Twitter.

“AWS’s decision to effectively terminate Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political animus,” the lawsuit reads. “It is also apparently designed to reduce competition in the microblogging services market to the benefit of Twitter.”

Multiple legal experts told The Hill that Parler’s antitrust claim was unlikely to succeed. The lawsuit does not establish that Parler’s suspension was part of an agreement between Amazon and Twitter, the rival social media company that Parler identified as the beneficiary of its shutdown.

“On the antitrust side, it’s pretty weak,” said Erik Hovenkamp, a law professor at the University of Southern California. “The biggest flaw in the complaint by far is really just that it doesn’t allege facts that would indicate a conspiracy between Amazon and Twitter.”

The suit is also alleging wrongdoing by Amazon for not giving thirty days notice. Amazon states that they have had numerous contacts with Parler asking them to get in compliance with violent and violence-inciting content and Parler did nothing to correct the matter.

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15 Comments on "Parler Sues Amazon, Claiming Amazon and Twitter Are In Cahoots"

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Tina Watson

How are you feeling, Ursula?

rory darjiit

Parler vs Amazon and Apple. Hmm. Who’s going to run out of legal,funds first? Tough call.

Lil Blue Sock

*loks at palrler guy*


*shakes kleenex box*


Sending Parler my thoughts and prayers.



I’d do the same but…well, let’s just say that they’re not nice. And I’ve expended enough energy on these idiots.

Denis Elliott
Here’s a thought. Bezos and his lawyer meet privately with the owner of Parler. And he makes a one-time offer that without informing them is recorded (obviously the meeting has to take place in one party jurisdiction and DC happens to be one). He offers the site’s top dog fifty million, and ten million each to the handful of others that call the shots there to do two things. Issue a press statement (that Bezos will have prepared for them, and offer to give a full page in the WaPo to) that after review the management at Parler regrets not… Read more »

Parler was underwritten by Rebekah Mercer. Profit was NOT the motive.


Hoarse Whisperer had a field day with this, saying Amazon would have to hire chimps for attorneys just to make it an even playing field.

Senovio Rodriguez



I think Trump has cornered the market on chimp-like attorneys.


True, Anastasia, but Amazon has deep enough pockets to break that market stranglehold.


What needs to happen is the domain name registrar for Parler needs to shut down the DNS record. That way they can’t just pick up and move to another hosting service. That was pretty effective in shutting down piracy sites back in the day.