You’ll be happy to know that Donald Trump is awake and stirring in the White House and of course he tweeted. He needs to make contact with his 88 million followers on Twitter, or what is the point of life?

On this day when the rest of us give thanks, Trump gives rancor, what else?

Trump’s got his tweet box and he’s bored — not to mention obsessed with losing the election. Who knows what the day may bring?


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Omg! This is perhaps the most disgusting person on the planet!!!! I think I will go vomit now


Nothing new to see here. How many days now have we tolerated his malignant narcissism? For some fun – go check out Kamala’s corn bread recipe. It’s being said that she’s already given us more than Pence did in almost four years!!!


Happy Thanksgiving, Ursula!
For a lovely contrast, see the Bidens’ beautiful op-ed on


I’ve realised at long last just what ‘bigly’ actually is – it’s actually BIG LIE

Carroll Ann Robinson

Nice one!!! And it makes complete sense doesn’t it?

p j evans

Turkey celebrating the end of his career?

Michael C Fetterolf

Boris Johnson in the U.K.
Donald Trump in the U.S.
Hair today and gone tomorrow.


He also didn’t send out his boilerplate Thanksgiving message until mid afternoon. At that point I had more than 50 messages from politicians whose lists I’m on (the only Republican was Lindsey Graham. I’m on Mitch’s, David Perdue’s and Kelly Loeffler’s lists too but they sent out nothing about Thanksgiving).