Donald Trump is a reactive baby who was going to go to Pennsylvania and then didn’t wanna — and maybe it’s because he’d just seen the military vote. He saw something that set him off, that much is certain, because here’s his latest salvo into Tweetland.

The roaring twenties, if Trump is talking about this century, started last New Year’s. But then, we are talking about somebody who’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, here.

Or, maybe he’s just reviewing in his *mind* one more time, his loss, his loss, his most grievous loss, and looking for people to blame it on. He certainly will never be able to face the fact that he lost reelection because of himself.

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Gus K.

I guess in his mind 2020 has two twenties so it’s the 20’s? I dunno. Although anything he says matters less and less, but who are the 25 strong witnesses?


“The “anonymous” fabricator, who is a major sleaze, …”

Notice he seems to know exactly who the anonymous person was. That could only be because he really did say those things, and knows exactly who was with him at the time. Really rich! He buries himself deeper and deeper each time he opens his mouth.

p j evans

Projection to the max!


The major sleaze in this wourld is anyone that votes for this or anyother fascist.

Senovio Rodriguez

With his previous actions and behavior… and all the damn lies… know that suckers and losers comment… ring true. As his and father’s reported abuse of his late brother.

Scott Jackson

Something is wrong with baby. Maybe his pants need changing. As we used to say in boot camp, if u don’t phucking shut up, I’ll rip off ur head & piss down ur throat.