There’s a new creature in the world, fashioned on the pushmi pullyou. It’s called the Trumpmi Lieyou, and it consists of Donald Trump attempting to distance himself from situations that he has been advised are bad for him, and not being able to do so, and then showing up where he said he wouldn’t go and making a complete ass of himself.

The latest example of this phenomenon is the Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania meeting on voting irregularities. Trump was initially advised by aides not to attend — but then he reversed that and said he would go. And then he canceled at the last minute. The Week:

Attending this meeting of the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee, which will be held at a hotel, would be Trump’s first trip outside of Washington since Election Day, CNN notes. The New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman confirmed the news and reported that “some aides had tried talking him out of this.”

Haberman adds that some of Trump’s “advisers were kept in the dark about this” plan entirely, “underscoring how disjointed the president’s team has become” since Election Day, and “others tried telling him” this “is a mistake.” But Haberman reports that “among other things, Trump is likely to announce a 2024 campaign soon and this is brand building.”

But he apparently couldn’t occupy himself, Twitter does get dull after a while, and so Trump called into the Gettysburg meeting, in progress, and spoke on the speaker phone. CBS News:

“This election was rigged and we can’t let that happen. We can’t let it happen for our country,” Mr. Trump said, calling into the meeting on speakerphone. “And this election has to be turned around, because we won Pennsylvania by a lot and we won all these swing states by a lot,” the president said inaccurately and with no proof.

Mr. Trump claimed that what happened was not the United States of America, insisting without evidence there are “many, many cases” of fraud. All of the president’s false and unfounded statements will not be repeated in this article.

I sincerely wish that Trump’s niece, Mary, would weigh in with a psychological evaluation at this time. The knee jerk layperson’s analysis is that Trump just cannot process the fact that he lost the election and deal with it rationally. He keeps denying it and demanding that other people make it go away. He’s in denial, anger, bargaining and depression all at once and he cannot hit acceptance. It seems to be simply beyond him.

Maybe when he finds himself walking the parapets of his own personal Elsinore down at Mar-a-Lago, it will come to him one night that he lost the 2020 election. Or, maybe not. Maybe it’s going to play out like the movie Arsenic And Old Lace, where the two loving sisters just agree to go along with their brother’s delusion of being Teddy Roosevelt. It seriously would not surprise me if somebody in Trump world redecorated Mar-a-Lago to look like the interior of the White House and called Trump “Mr. President” every day and brought him blank papers to sign, saying they were executive orders. It has gotten that nuts.

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Geia Verita

He’s deranged. Is all. Nutty people never say they’re nutty and deny it when you tell them they are, because they’re not capable of connecting those dots. The problem is … the whole country needs to be dragged down into the abyss with him.

p j evans

He’s going out like the actress in “Sunset Boulevard”: “Mr De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up” but it will be “I’m ready for my inauguration”.

Senovio Rodriguez

Want to LOL… but this POS SOB is still causing trouble… and not of the good kind.


Norma Desmond actually had talent.


Technically he will always be Mr. President as his title. That’s a courtesy all former Presidents have.

However it’ll be better when he’s known as Prisoner # 57843.

Scott Jackson

As long as he has the nuclear codes, string his arse along until he doesnt. We don’t need another general jack ripper setting off the holocaust to protect “our precious bodily fluids”.


He has a problem finding the proof as Joan Ceciel Quigley (Nancy Reagan’s astrologer) died six tears ago