Sidney Powell may not realize it yet, but she’s about to become Public Enemy No. 1 in Trump world. It’s beginning to make sense what is going on here, with Tucker Carlson making a point to scrutinize Sidney Powell and the fact that she has produced zero evidence relating to the purportedly stolen election. My take on it is that the way the Trump loss will be characterized for the base, is not that he lost, but that he won and the problem is, that his lawyers couldn’t prove it. It will be all their fault. Mark my words. I think that’s where we’re going.

Both Powell and Rudy Giuliani were slated to appear on Judge Jeanine’s Saturday show and that has been canceled.

Somebody’s got to take the fall for losing the 2020 election and you know it won’t be Donald Trump. It will be his lawyers, who failed to protect him in his hour of need.

Anybody got a better idea, on these facts?

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13 Comments on "Trump Rift With Fox News Widens, Rudy, Sidney Powell Cancel Appearance, Tucker Carlson Still On Offense"

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How about this: Fox News is moving on and Trump can’t.

Scott Jackson

Phuck. All. Liars.

dana fairfield
I begin to wonder if it wasn’t all just a massive case of projection. Maybe the GOP switched votes by machines from Biden to Trump, but they couldn’t switch enough votes to overcome Biden’s landslide. However, it was enough to keep down-ticket Republicans in power. One of the curious incongruities has been that supposedly Dems nefariously switched voted to Biden, but didn’t guarantee a majority in the Senate? Maybe Powell really does have a fire hose of evidence about “millions” of votes, but nothing they would dare show to Tucker or to a court. Maybe Powell is telling a truth… Read more »

we do need a serious approach to election security. No paperless systems, no bar codes. Dominion actually makes a reasonable voting machine, that produces a paper ballot the voter can read and affirm before scanning, and that serves as a paper trail for recount. Others are worse. There may be a reason Trump is attacking them specifically.


That’s how voting was in GA. The voting machine prints a paper copy that we check, then scan into another machine.


Your take on this is spot on. It will be “them dumb FEMALE lawyers” (Powell and Jenna Ellis) who failed Trump. Also, Fox will get better ratings with “The election was stolen!” rather that admit that Trump lost.

Paul Wilczynski

Absolutely correct. Blame it on the lawyers. But not Giuliani, whose colors never run.

Rev Doc Dave

It’s all over when the rats turn on one another…