The late industrialist Howard Hughes signaled to the world that he had lost it when he disappeared into hotel rooms with blackout curtains and wouldn’t touch anything, not even a newspaper, unless it was handed to him by people wearing gloves, or “insulation” as he called it. Now the titular leader of the free world has become invisible — which is a nifty feat with all the eyes of a worldwide press turned on you. This is what Donald Trump’s post election activity looks like. This is from the Boston Globe.

Trump’s last appearance was Friday afternoon, when he read in a boring monotone from prepared notes about modifying drug prices. The one time he showed life was when he went off script to announce how he had won the election — again — and again without any evidence. The Guardian:

“I don’t think we’ve had a president since Richard Nixon who is as far in the bunker and detached from the country as Donald Trump is right now,” said Larry Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota.

“Donald Trump has not only suffered a catastrophic political defeat, he’s clearly also suffering from a deep emotional break. This behavior is even more erratic than usual and he has retreated. He has put himself in a form of psychological isolation. His emotional state is clearly abysmal. In the popular lexicon, he’s lost it.”

Trump’s hermit-like status has proved irresistible to comedians, historians and overseas commentators. He has been compared to a tyrant in a fragile democracy holed up in a presidential palace and plotting either an internal coup or a sudden escape across the border. Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert observed: “Well, history famously holds happy endings for autocrats who lose and then retreat to their bunker.”

Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian, has used Twitter to post images of Howard Hughes, a billionaire who spent his last years sequestered in darkened hotel rooms, and Norma Desmond, an aging Hollywood star in the film Sunset Boulevard, noting that she “spent hour after hour in the dark, watching movies of herself in the glory days, before her decline and fall”.

And here’s an example of life imitating art. With no small amount of irony, it’s been observed that Citizen Kane is Trump’s favorite movie.

Beschloss also put out an entire series of tweets citing Citizen Kane, Orson Welles’s classic movie about a media tycoon whose political ambitions collapse in scandal. In one picture, Kane’s newspaper carries the front page headline: “Fraud At Polls!” In another, Kane is trashing a room at Xanadu, his luxury estate in south Florida. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate also happens to be in south Florida.

Trump is the un-Citizen Kane. He’s finished in politics, having thoroughly polluted the field and now intends to become a media tycoon. Meanwhile, scaffolding is being built outside the White House for the Biden inauguration. History is moving on, whether Trump wants to move on with it or not.


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p j evans

He’s ready for his padded suite.


Really enjoyed this one. I will have to watch that movie again.


The first classic movie I ever collected in my 20s…watched MANY times. For years, I was able to regale listeners with my description of the opening sequence.


Hmph…Citizen Kane is another case of Trump failing to live up to the hero he worships. At this point, he’s in the room trash scene (a goddamn hard scene for me to watch, no matter how many times I see it).

Denis Elliott

Trump is more like Citizen KKKon.

Meg Corrigan

And we thought this couldn’t get any weirder! Silly us! 🥴

Meanwhile his “fox in the henhouse” Administration appointees continue to take NEW actions daily that hurt Americans with disabilities, vets, labor, and auction off our wildest protected most pristine national monuments and ocean coastlines to polluting oil drilling and mining companies; while still doing everything they can do to spread disease, pestilence, hunger, unemployment, debt and suffering to as many Americans as possible. He may be lying low with sedated mood, but F**k him & the horse he rode in on, along with all his GOP-Nazi co-conspirators and enablers. His long-term damage to deliberately weaken and destroy everything great about… Read more »
Rev Doc Dave

Trump makes Howard Hughes look like a “very stable genius”…