The last time a Fox News luminary appeared to be broadcasting from the summit of Mt. Baked, it was Jeanine Pirro — and I swiftly got an email from Fox News, telling me that Ms. Pirro doesn’t drink at all. So I said, “Does she take medication? Because clearly, if you put this *performance* next to others, she seems visibly impaired.” I never heard back. And don’t get me wrong. If there’s a factual error, like the time I wrote that Shepard Smith was escorted out of the building, when the NBC reporter whose story I cited, recanted her facts, I swiftly published a correction. We are very willing to cooperate with the search for truth, here on the Little Political Blog That Could. (chugga lugga lugga lugga chugga lugga lugga lugga….)

In any event, not to upset the folks at Fox, heaven forfend, I put “looks” in the headline tonight. You decide. Maybe Rudy just had a rough day, melting down in public, like the Wicked Witch of the West. Say, maybe a house will fall on Rudy, next? Ya spose? I’m not being flippant. In this day and age, Anything.Can.Happen. At this point, I’m so jaded and numbed, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at Rudy turning into a bat and flying away. I would merely say, “What took you so long?”

Rudy appears quite toasted, but maybe he’s a tea totaller like Jeanine Pirro. I’m sure I wouldn’t know.

Well, hey, if you’re making $20 grand a day, gotta live a little, right?

And look, if I put mascara on my hair to hide the grey — and it would take a shopping cart full in my case, believe me — and it melted on TV, I’d tie one on, too.


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17 Comments on "Rudy Looks Hammered, Slurs Speech On Hannity’s Show After Hard Day Doing Infowars Material"

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Scott Jackson

I’m melting! I’m melting!

Tin woman1

He always looks drunk or on something because of his sweating so much.


Or he sweats so much because he’s normally drunk?



Cherl Harrell

What a sorry spectacle he is. I couldn’t listen to much of it, between the words he was saying and the slurring, I just couldn’t do it. It really seems that both him and his boss belong in either straight jackets or rehab.

Lil Blue Sock

Having known Trump-O and his “business” practices for years if Rudy the Worm thinks he’ll ever see one red cent of that 20 grand a day he’s even more stupid than he looks…..if that is even possible.


You know, you would feel sorry for these people if they didn’t represent pure evil.


I have as much sympathy and empathy for them as they have for the people who have died from Covid-19 that might still be alive if they had done their jobs correctly! As much as they have for those whom they have hurt deliberately!


It would be funny and/or sad if it wasn’t for that fact that about 70 million of our fellow citizens believe this sordid fantasy. That makes it horrifying in a Nazi propoganda, democracy undermining, authoritarian, sort of way.

And the Mount Olympian level defamation against Biden and his campaign is truly stunning coming from the allegedly previously respected mayor. (Those if us from New York know a little better anyway.)


As Frank Schaeffer pointed out way back in 2008, 70 million IS a big number. But it’s less so when you remember that we’re a nation of 331 million. These freaks just want American apartheid but lack both the leadership and work ethic to get it.

Denis Elliott
I couldn’t help but thinking that Rudy was leading cerebrospinal fluid from his head. Only instead of the clear, actual stuff it was transmission fluid from a really old car. (If you’ve seen the stuff, and at some point you can’t replace it without replacing the transmission so it just gets topped off and the new stuff turns that same blackish color) When you think about it that way, that he’s got old, worn out transmission fluid around (and in) his brain his antics kind of make sense! I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall in… Read more »
Carroll Ann Robinson
Yep, agree with you, drunk. He said at the top of the interview that among the cities was Pissburg……. Plus his verbs are slurred, simple verbs, and Sean isn’t pronounced Sssshown. Other words have similar “tells.” And although I’m not an expert at drunk speak, I had an uncle who far too many times overstayed his welcome when I was growing up and I learned to steer clear of him when he was drunk so I’d not get caught by him when he was a raging drunk. Only screwed up once and that particular time he threatened in drunk speak… Read more »
p j evans

I’ve heard that he does imbibe, possibly more than is good for someone his age…which is still well under 80, in spite of how he comes across.


Let’s just use another euphemism, which these days carries particular meaning:
He has an underlying condition.