America’s Village Idiot


This has to stop. It just isn’t funny anymore. There may not be anything we can do to stop His Lowness from continuing to try to somehow or other burn down our democracy on his way out the door, and we may not be able to stop the pathetic figure that is now former Mayor Rudy Giuliani from popping up in front of cameras somewhere, but we can stop it. We can stop giving it oxygen. And that will just have to do.

It started about a week ago when Rudy Giuliani stepped on a dais in front of a completely different Four Seasons, between a crematorium and a dildo shop, to hold a totally unhinged parody of a press conference.

Fortunately, the mainstream media had already gotten the memo. There was not a single major network camera or reporter there, only local media coverage. And thankfully, the major media held with the model, only choosing to broadcast brief snippets of The Ghoul Man’s pointless ramblings up for general ridicule. But the damage was already done. Clearly, Giuliani was not a man firmly tethered to reality.

The truly tragic impersonation of a news conference today only made things worse. We have all seen Giuliani wandering around for months now, with largely gray hair, and yet today, he was compelled to show up with an almost semi head of full, rich chestnut brown heir. That would have been jarring enough, but it only went downhill from there. I swear, I haven’t seen a politician sweat this much under pressure since Nixon’s debate against JFK in 1960. Giuliani repeatedly wiped sweat from his face today, without ever managing to touch the cheap brown hair dye running down his cheeks.

Full disclosure. I have never been a Rudy Giuliani fan. I have watched him off and on since his days as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and always thought him a charlatan. He was more than willing to let the hard working AUSA’S under him do the grunt work of putting together the case, and then jump in front of a microphone at the successful conclusion to clai9m credit. And while Giuliani became famous as America’s Mayor for his response to the 9/11 attacks, I honestly felt that then President George W Bush was much more effective and empathetic at dealing with the crisis. And unlike most people, I have never forgotten Giuliani’s craven political cowardice in trying to use 9/11 as an excuse to delay the New York Mayoralty elections, trying to cling to power for a little linger, on the back of a national tragedy. Fortunately, the election went on as scheduled.

The world was Rudy G’s oyster. An overrated US attorney, America’s Mayor, and then an aborted run for the presidency. But it all fell apart. Rudy fell from national favor. Like Trump. Giuliani craved the national spotlight almost as much as he craved air itself. And he was cast into the wilderness of private practice, and obscurity, until the soul sucker Donald Trump turned around and made him relevant again in the national media. For which Giuliani would gladly pay with his own immortal soul.

This has to stop, and now. I’ve already admitted that I’m no fan of Rudy Giuliani, but I am a human being. And watching Rudy Giuliani these days is like getting a call from the local police that your absent minded grandfather has just been picked up, after wandering out of the house in his underwear to speed walk the mall. For God’s sake, his own daughter said that she waits until the third date to admit that her father is that Giuliani, hoping that the positive impressions she made in the first two dates are enough to offset her father’s damage!

Look. We can’t stop Trump from being a destructive, narcissistic asshole, and we can’t stop Giuliani from continuing to make a total ass of himself in his thirst of the spotlight. But the national news media can choose to cut off Giuliani’s oxygen by refusing to put any media of him on the air at all. The lawsuit re over, Giuliani isn’t relevant, and he isn’t saying anything even remotely considered to be news. The media can bring this sad chapter to a close by simply resolving to no longer give anything he says any air time at all. From where I’m sitting, it’s the humanitarian thing to do.

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Lil Blue Sock

As I’ve said, when a useful idiot has outlived their usefulness, what’s left is just an idiot.


Rudy Giuliani: the gift that keeps on taking. For what he has enabled, Murf, I lack your pity. And W was just as much a coward in my book.


Bush may have been empathetic – Rude Julie-Anne is just pathetic

Gus K.

Yes, euthanasia, sometimes is the humane thing to do.

Scott Jackson

Too quick & too painless.

Denis Elliott

What was that Depression era book that got made into a hit movie in the late 1960s? Oh yeah – now I remember. “They shoot horses’-asses don’t they?” (Or something like that…)

Carroll Ann Robinson
They Shoot Horses Don’t They? is the title and it starred among others, Jane Fonda. It was a horrific statement on how destructive the Depression was, and how greed, in particular that of the organizer of the dance marathon, ruled the day. To the point of one dancer dying of a heart attack and Jane Fonda asking to be killed, ala like a horse that has broken its leg. It’s a dark and dysfunctional look into one little teensy segment of life during that time so I think we’d have to come up with some sort of extravaganza or other,… Read more »

I think you’re missing the point. They don’t care about news.
It’s an “infotainment” empire and whatever garners the most eyeballs/clicks will be put on display. Somewhere P. T. Barnum is sad he missed out on this. All the glory with no animal poop to clean up. Well, maybe except for Rudy.

Jarvis Wellesley

It’s a tough call, Murph — banish Ghouliani & his “elite legal team” from the TV coverage they crave or allow them to make total arseholes of themselves in plain view. Frankly, I thought it instructive to see how much worse Sidney Powell was even than a runny Rudy; now I’d hope to see some exposure of Lin Wood, who’s also lawyer for such rightwingding luminaries as the murderer Rittenhouse. What a gathering of deplorables.